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Sunday Weekly Review: Civility or Partisan War?

November 6, 2005

Did Al Quaeda WANT us to Invade Iraq?
Did Bush Play Right Into Bin Laden’s Hands and then Cover it Up?

Will Bush pardon Scooter Libby to cover up White House treason?
Will Rove, with his classified clearance, continue to commit treason?
Should those found guilty of treason be executed? Even if it includes the Vice President?
Will the Democrats, having forced the Senate into closed session in order to compel recalcitrant Republicans to investigate how the Administration manipulated intelligence in order to get us into war in Iraq, use their new found cojones to filibuster Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito?
And if Republicans “go nuclear,” will the American Public support the Democrats standing firm by the rule of law? Or will they see it as partisan bickering?
Listeners Sean and Jeff debate the ultimate question (on the Nov. 2 blog): should the Democrats be civil or make their demands heard, even if it means shutting the Congress down?

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  • The fanatical fetus November 9, 2005 9:11 am

    Sean–I see the answer–Waldo is giving me the finger as he smokes a cigarette, and I am holding my breath to keep from choking on secondary smoke

  • Robt November 9, 2005 3:29 am

    Take a deep breath and return to my prior post. Let me know exactly where I called you a “fanatical” pro-lifer? Please?
    When you think of fanatical pro lifer it is one who blows up a clinic, I might see that as a homicidal lunatic
    Fanatical pro lifer is what I would and do call someone I have known for some time. He goes to protests, he is the ultimate single issue voter. He will tell you that he voted Bush for one reason only and that being that Bush was vowing to overturn Roe v Wade. He is very extreme over it. Would he spend his car payment on going to a protest? I watched it. So this is what I define fanatical pro lifer. Nothing dramatic to start him in this quest.
    If you read my first post to Sean, you’d of seen that I was asking him to respond in how he would attempt to persuade certain voters. So I based the scenario on some I know. so, OK you want to explain
    “My inverted perception”?
    and the “misconceptions” I need to rid myself of, that are my big problem?
    What do you view my misconceptions are?

  • Robt November 9, 2005 2:12 am

    That is a great case you make. Which seems much better than “dispatching” people as you stated in a earlier post.
    This is some of the talk this nation needs to discuss and resolve, in my humble opinion. It can’t be done by one Body of a political spectrum. We do need national inclusion not the exclusion and division being propagated. I may not be prepared to overturn Roe vs Wade, for example. Although,I have always felt one abortion is too many as one soldier killed is too many,one killed by a drunk driver is too many, one drive by shooting is too many. Pretty good chance that Cars, guns, alcohol, & shooters are going to be here for some time to come.