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Sunday Weekly Review – TraitorGate

July 17, 2005

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More on the Traitorous Turd Blossom, Karl Rove…
And actual excerpts from the Press Conference of Presidential Spokesman Scott McClellan where he refuses to confirm or deny that on the President’s behalf, he LIED to the American Public.
You can’t watch him squirm…but you can hear it…on THE INSIDE SCOOP.

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  • jeff m. July 23, 2005 8:47 pm

    Actually I do get strange things that happen…but I do not talk about them in general audiences,becuase it only lets them know if they have been successful or not….Let them guess what works,and what does not…technology is a funny thing,with evidence of workability,you dont really know for sure if it works at all!!
    Just think about that for a minute Dave,I am sure you will see my point. 😉