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Sunday Weekly Review – Which Family Values? Payoff to Drug Pushers; Destroying PBS

June 12, 2005

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— In Defense of Howard Dean and “Liberal” Family Values
— The Government Pay-Off to The Deadliest Drug Pushers in the USA
This week, Bush gave Big Tobacco $120 Billion that would otherwise have gone to saving the lives of the 400,000 American tobacco smokers killed every year by the Largest Death Industry in the USA, peddling The Most Addictive Drug Known to Man (nicotine). Every month, the tobacco companies kill more than 10 times the number of Americans murdered on September 11, 2001. Aren’t you glad that the Administration gives Drug Pushers your taxpayer money to help addict kids to their filthy product? Big Tobacco certainly likes the arrangement. That’s why they finance the Republican Party. How many more Americans do you suppose are dead today because the Republican Party is financed by this dirty drug money?
— The Government Attack on the Neutrality of PBS and NPR
The Republican National Committee, having acquired the Fox Propaganda Channel, is set now to control National Public Radio and PBS. Remember when we still had a media willing to openly criticize the Government? Back when We the People could still elect our leaders? In “The Rise and Fall of the American Empire,” will the 20th Century be remembered as the last days of the free American Republic?
— Any other news of the week you wish to bring up

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  • In Jesus' name September 13, 2005 9:16 am

    The Teacher
    Betrayed, beaten, berated,
    now hanging naked from a cross,
    scoffed at and bleeding,
    suffocating from your own weight,
    throat parched and dry,
    dehydrated beyond thirst,
    body beyond weary,
    yet consciousness perfectly aligned,
    overruling mind
    with a heart so open
    and expansive
    as to kiss the infinite
    and your crucifiers, too.
    Oh beloved one, recite the psalms
    and show us your love unto the end.
    Emit enough golden energy into space
    to ultimately save the human race.