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Sunday Weekly Review

January 16, 2005

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The Government Takeover of the Media
The Government is using “Rather-Gate” to pummel CBS and other media into toting the party line. Right-wingers cheer as each independent source of news and information is snuffed out. It’s more than Armstrong Williams: what Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and other dictators did in the past, Bush and his appointed Iraqi puppet Allawi continue to do in the present: all of these leaders used or continue to use Government funds to pay the media to air their propaganda, and none of these rulers saw or see anything wrong with it. Having conquered the Presidency and the Supreme Court and both Houses of Congress, the neo-cons are proceeding apace in their takeover of the Fourth Estate: the Press.

The Tsunami Disaster: A Great Opportunity to Convert Muslims to Christianity?
Have you heard about “WorldHelp,” the missionary organization supported by Falwell’s Liberty University that is willing to help Indonesian orphans on the condition that they be raised Christian? Does anyone support this? Doesn’t anyone see how this harms America in the Muslim world?
Klansman Indicted for 1964 Civil Rights Murders
It’s about time! I don’t believe it’s ever too late to try Edgar Ray Killen. I don’t care that he’s 79 years old. Do you agree?
Washington State Governor Takes Office Despite Republican Demands for a Re-Vote
Ain’t that a switch?
Bush Limiting Access to Inaugural Parade to Supporters
Is anyone surprised here? I guess Dubya doesn’t want a repeat of what happened in 2000, when protestors outnumbered supporters. I’ll give THE INSIDE SCOOP on the pending lawsuit.
Israeli Prime Minister Sharon Cuts Off Negotiations with New Palestinian President Abbas Following Terrorist Attack Carried out by Palestinian Security Forces
Do you blame Sharon? I don’t. Abbas needs to show he’s serious about stopping terrorism. He can start with his own forces.
Texas Companies Cooperate in Tom Delay Investigation
This is making the most powerful evil genius in Congress — one of my Four Horseman of the Apocalypse — very nervous.
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  • Tom DeLay March 27, 2007 9:48 am

    Why am I not in jail?

  • Dick Cheney is a traitor March 19, 2007 9:53 am

    Patriots are many things…but they are never silent!
    Patriots are not flag-waving, war-mongering, fat-asses who haven’t seen firefight-one. They are not cherry, honcho, pseudo-cowboy, privileged, weak-minded, princely posers who send others to do their killing and dying. They are not wolves in sheep’s wool , draped in the flag, raiding the henhouse. They are not carpet bagging, profiteering, scalywags skirting the edges of the rule of law. They are not religious imposters using the name of God as a reason for abomination. They are not forked-tongued mothafuckas with the weight of treason on their back. They are not unconscionable zealots with the blood of women and children soaking their souls. They are not war criminals using false pretense to settle dubious vendettas.
    Patriots are agitators–they are the irritation of creation–the itch that makes the pearl–they are part of a purpose that transcends lifetimes–they are citizens of a country and of the Universe at the same time. They are obedient to a cause that is disobedience to some, but their intent is encompassed by parameters they see as truth. And that is what they cling their allegiance to…
    Patriots are those who expose the bastards for who they are, and set the traitors’ iniquities upon the altar of justice–bring the deeds of darkness to the light–and watch everything that is not truth fall away of its own dead weight.

  • Dr. Frankenstein February 11, 2005 1:40 pm

    Yes–that’s better–I believe that was a genuine response–now let’s check other physiological manifestations:
    From the toes to the nose,
    sliding, lingering touches
    of a tongue slippery with desire,
    stopping at auspicious places
    where heightened senses receive their love.
    Stopping to taste and comfort,
    to share with tactile smoothness,
    the peace of the eternal moment.
    so mystical the feeling,
    transcending the bounds of earthly living,
    freed to fly
    to glide with spirit’s abandon.
    Yet wishing to commune,
    sharing all chakras with guiltless joy.
    Tranquility in each other,
    yet both seeping with power,
    the intensity of internal fire.
    Its divine rightness completes;
    all that was lacking is no more.
    A little licking induces a smile,
    a little happiness in a world gone mad.
    A teasing tour of ecstasy is a respite
    from the insanity.
    How intrinsic to experience such beauty.
    How sublime to just let it be.
    To linger with your lover in such a way,
    often enough
    and with enough feeling,
    is one way to achieve
    a microcosm of world peace.

  • Tracie February 8, 2005 10:32 pm

    Hey FRANK, how about those PATRIOTS????
    Wooo hooo!