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Tea Party Debate

June 3, 2010

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  • Alan June 4, 2010 3:37 pm

    Mark you are so full of crap. As I said the GOP leaders have introduced plenty of cuts.You like Pelosi and Reid make believe you’ve never heard of them. Yes they want tax cuts but you Libs don’t want any WELFARE programs touched you want them increased. Add all the illegals you want to add on and it’s even higher.So don’t accuse the teabag party of not wanting to cut anything specific.
    And where did the toll thing come from again is that the only way you can think of to raise money? Does John Deere need Govt. money to sell their products, If all the green nuts want people to use Mass transit or electric cars or whatever make them affordable, and reliable. CSX makes great statements about how cheaply they can move freight, when was the last time you saw a train deliver to your local grocery store?? More green BS. they can move more but it takes longer and still needs a truck to deliver it. And they can’t make a profit have to be subsidized. None of the trucking companies I worked for ever got that make a profit or close the doors. You make excuses why things can’t be done. How about some of the great minds figure out how it can be done. You think with a welfare mind set, gee we can’t make people pay for themselves unless they happen to be successful and then they can pay for everyone else. Never said that any of this was Tea party ideas or platform.
    And excatly which tax cuts did they oppose?? You use this line all the time and show nothing to back it up.They opposed Obamas cuts to those who already get back all their tax’s at the end of the year anyway. Families making under $50k a year already gets back most if not all tax refunded now.
    How about some facts on your deficit In 08 the deficit before the crisis was $600 billion then add $200 billion for tarp etc. CBO facts. When Obama took office it was pushed to $1.1 trillion because of the stimulus etc. Since Obama took office it has now raised to $1.4 trillion almost double. Took Bush 8 years, took Obama 15 months and remember Obama had Bush get $17 billion slush fund passed for him just before he took office.Now the CBO also said his budget would raise the deficit to about $4.9 trillion between 2010 and 2016. So what was that about the Repubs raising the deficit.
    You are the only one that keeps raising the race card . Every time yu are on Fox you say the samething. those that question his birth are a small minority. You know like the ones who questioned GW’s military record, Todd Palin wanting to suscede, or even if the baby was really Sarah Palins. Remember that the GOP doesn’t hold a copy right on stupid. There are plenty on you side of the aisle. Come on Mark you like Alan Coombs can’t think of anything except the same old tired lines You have a degree from Harvard use it
    I asked you before where is the new Federal Budget. Has it been passed yet last I heard they hadn’even introduced it yet. why is that?????

  • Mark Levine June 4, 2010 1:39 pm

    Great idea, Alan. Let’s make people pay a toll every time they turn a corner on to another private street. Keep lots of change in your cars, folks! You’ll need it!

    Or, Alan, are you willing to let Government pay for streets and highways while cutting mass transit? Because if you are, you should recognize that building roads big enough to accommodate all those who use mass transit is more expensive than the mass transit itself.

    So great idea, Alan (*sarcasm*). Any more spending you want to cut? And if this particular cut — all Government aid to roads and highways and mass transit — is a core Tea Party principle, how come I’ve never heard of it?

    These are Tea Party principles:
    1. WE HATE SPENDING (but don’t want to cut anything specific).

    2. WE HATE TAXES (but don’t want to cut them if Obama is proposing the cuts).

    3. WE HATE THE DEFICIT (except when Republicans run it up).

    4. WE HATE OBAMA (but we’re not racist, we just hate him for his policies which, if you disaggregate them, we support, but no we’re not racist, and have you noticed his father was an African and his grandfather was Muslim? But no, we’re not racist. We just don’t trust his Hawaii birth certificate to be accurate…)

  • Alan June 4, 2010 11:11 am

    Well that was a waste of time neither one of you made any sense. Critz ran on a tea party platform in a Democrat area formly held by a long time Democrat. So what did that prove . well you may differ but the people want what the Tea Party are saying but felt comfortable with some one they already knew. But what would have happened if he ran on Murtha platform. It might have been totally different. I guess that would make Critz a Blue Dog Democrat. Thats what you like Obama fail to understand. People were looking for a positive change and it has not happened. We are getting Chicago style politics and now even more so with the Sestak and now Romanoff job offers. You have about 4 different explainations coming from the WH and they all smell real bad.
    The Obama attitude of I will get what I want no matter what it costs, pisses people off. You are the one who keeps flashing the Constitution. Well how does it start out “We the people” but he doesn’t listen to “The People” he listens to his Chicago friends, one of who has been subpoenaed for the Blagovich case. You say the oil spill is Bush’s 2nd Katrina Is all these job offers Obama’s White Water or his Monica or does he have something better saved up? You know I never had sex, will now be I never offered those jobs. And how funny that cigar Bill is involved.
    You don’t know what the Tea Party wants??? They want Congress and the President to stop spending!!! There are many cuts that could be made with out cutting SS, Medicare or the Military (your point of why the TeaBag Party are not for real) but these are always the first that you and the Libs bring out because you know no one wants them touched. the GOP has come up with many cuts and savings plans but these would be hard for you and the Libs to understand because they are simple. I got a big one. All public transportation and freight will no longer get any subsidy from the Govt Fed or State. If they can’t figure out a way to make it pay for it self oh well.if the people need it they will pay for it. The same with the great green plans. If the Companies and Orgs. that want people to use it damn it let them fund it and make it affordable for the people to use. you have all these ECO people coming to Washington with their hand out. If they are so smart let them use their own money .Quit paying millions to have advertisements and do the research and development. You will say that the people will not pay to ride mass trans because it will cost to much. who’s fault is that? How much does the unions demand to run it.You don’t want to hear those kind of cuts. Well then I guess if you keep seeing the GOP as patting their head and saying no, no, no You should also see the Dems as covering the ears and saying we can’t hear you as well as yelling no, no, no. You can visit many google many sites which show stupid Federal spending and yet like I said you and the left bring up those 3. Look for some new and unusual way to debate that point because the people are not that stupid.