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Thank You, Donald Trump

April 4, 2016

Donald Trump has done more than any single individual in a generation to expose the Republican Party, its supporters, and the real pain of the working class.
* He’s exposed the Republican Establishment for what it is: a bunch of hypocrites who believe in nothing, who are owned by those who pay for them, and who will do anything to retain power.
* He’s exposed at least half of the Republican base for what it is: a bunch of racist xenophobes who hate science, knowledge, and intellect — the poster children for Idiocracy.
* He’s exposed the real pain for the working class, who have suffered by trade and corporate policies that have dramatically favored those who are already advantaged in our society.
* He’s exposed the authoritarian strong-man tendencies that have always been latent among a strong minority of Americans, the same Americans who supported George Wallace or Joe McCarthy in past generations and the Know-Nothing Party in the Nineteenth Century.
So yes. I thank you, Donald Trump. And I’m sure our next President Hillary Rodham Clinton — whom, I predict, will be one of the best Presidents of the United States — thanks you as well.
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  • Janet April 10, 2016 3:59 pm

    You better look closely at Cruz. You will eventually find out about the real Cruz. Be very careful!!!