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The Counter-Inauguration

January 20, 2005

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Mark will be speaking at the Counter-Inaugural in McPherson Square (just outside the White House) at approximately 10 am. All INSIDE SCOOP fans are cordially invited as Mark is chosen to be the Attorney General of the United States for about one hour as he describes the priorites of the new Democratic Administration.
Come see the Glory of Denial at its Finest Hour! And remind ourselves what would have been, could have been, should have been…
Mark will report all the details on today’s INSIDE SCOOP.

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  • Gordon from Bora Bora February 4, 2005 3:59 pm

    Mike–the next time you pass a kidney stone–think about the omnipotence of God–learn the lesson of atonement–be a Buddhist about it, not a baby, and then maybe you can learn through joy and not pain
    I do not wish you pain–but your ego does

  • Dr. Freud February 4, 2005 3:51 pm

    So Mike who was at Tora Bora? Marines and Army Rangers working together?–Are you well enough to answer that little question–our brave little kidney-stone-cowboy?
    Can I be more polite about your condition? Can you bellyache more about your condition?
    The more you blog the more I see the karmic truth of your condition–atonement is still yours–with bed rest and a radical lobotomy(can be done on an out-patient basis)–that is perhaps the only thing that will stop the endless calcification of your system derived from your PH-imbalanced thoughts.
    Morphine drips are not the solution–only the indication of a problem within you, more indigenous than kidney stones.
    Sleep Well Tonight
    It’s a seven trillion dollar budget that needs to express itself,
    It represents the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,
    Don’t ask how it’s spent,
    certainly don’t ask why,
    You won’t get any answers,
    at least any that make sense.
    Just know if there’s trouble in the world, that budget can bomb the shit out of anybody, anywhere,
    and make that trouble worse, while making you feel better.
    It can sponsor arrogant cowboys who can run through the world like the wild west.
    “Eeeeh-Hah”! The head bounty-hunter cries,” Ride that bomb down for me, boys.”
    The millionaire lets others do his killing,
    He’s the worst kind of killer,
    He fights the War of Terror,
    by spreading a terror all his own.

  • Tracie February 3, 2005 5:41 am

    Mike, I noticed that as well – the remarks about the morphine drip and the gallstone surgery. It’s that type of thing that give lawyers the bad rep they have.
    I’ve had the same problem here with things not posting and have taken to making a copy if it’s something I’ve invested considerable time in doing. I figure it’s some glitch somewhere along the line.

  • Mike February 3, 2005 1:46 am

    After spending 20 minutes answering Levine in the previous post, his board does not function properly. Inbetween all the brackets [>> <<] I responded but it didn’t appear. He had one shot. If he can’t run the blog properly maybe there’s a reason.
    As to the “asshole” comment he directed at me, I asked if he kissed his mother with that mouth and told him that she’d apprecite his taking the crap out of it next time.

  • Mike February 3, 2005 1:42 am

    Levine wrote>>He still won’t answer the question on his support of Government funded propaganda.>And his long list of articles echo my point (and the consensus of US and foreign intelligence agencies and the weight of the evidence) that Osama Bin Laden was at Tora Bora and the Bush Administration incompetently let him go.>How hypocritical that Mike — who supports Government funded propaganda when the Bush Administration does it, would be against anyone funding me.>Hey Mike, do you support the Stop Government Propaganda Act?>Have you noticed, Tracie, that Mike has been asked the question about Government Propaganda more than a dozen times and still refuses to answer it?>Because he refuses to accept any truth that makes the Bush Administration look bad. Kind of makes you wonder: who’s funding him?>My answer, as my long-time listeners know, is that not only am I not beholden to anyone, I have actually cancelled a number of lucrative radio opportunities when those who wanted to hire me also wanted to control my content.>A particular syndicate who had my show for sevearal months felt I wasn’t Leftist enough, and I gave up thousands of daily listeners in order to have editorial freedom.>I have had six national syndicates say they cannot hire anyone who does not praise the Bush Administration — that their management did not allow them to hire anyone who was not “right of center.”>There is a reason why 90+% of talk radio is right-wing. And it ain’t an accident.>Oh..and Mike is a Nazi, Socialist, Marxist, Child-Molesting KKKer, Freedom-Hating, Disgraceful Loon….as are all Republicans as is everyone in the Bush Administration. And all gall-stone sufferers are Children of Satan!>My only dedication is to truth. If my dedication were to the almighty dollar, I would still be a highly-paid attorney. And I have put my life’s work where my values are.>So, Mike, who’s funding you?>And why are you such an asshole? >Is it the pain of the gallstone surgery? Or are you just incapable of polite disagreement?<<
    This is troubling. I pointed out that I had a kindey stone and that my neighbor – a gastroentronologist – wanted to admit me on a morphine drip 10 days ago. He immediately stated I was on morpghine. I posted that I had passed a kidney stone. Now, he wants to know if my words are because of gallstone surgery.
    Is it any wonder that this so-called “high paid attorney” is not practicing law and is demonstrating time and time again that he can;t follow the discussion, and reverts to ad hominum attack instead? I’m not surprised as the pattern of inability to focus is replete in his messages.
    Levine, you are a junior leaguer. If you can’t keep your facts straight don’t ask for reasoned discussion ad I’m not in the market of repeatedly correcting you mistakes, let alone your positions.