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The Day After

November 8, 2006

We did it!!! The Democratic Wave of 2006!
And I have to admit I’m kinda proud of my predictions…. 😀
We did it, my friends, winning the House and Senate, with all our very hard work Now the President HAS to listen to the American People, for the first time in his Presidency.
Here’s the Democratic agenda, what America voted for. And my hope is that Republicans, once they see the Democratic agenda, will not oppose it. It’s really pro-American, rather than pro-Democratic. You could argue that Republicans knew about this agenda and hated it. But I disagree. If you looked at the campaign rhetoric, the Republican leaders wilfully lied to their constituents saying the Dems had no agenda. So the leaders KNEW their followers would probably like the Democratic Plan for America, and that’s why they didn’t want Repubs and Independents to know about it!
Here’s the agenda: expect to see all of these enacted in the next 100 days, unless the President vetoes them.
Raise the minimum wage
Enact 9/11 recommendations to protect homeland security
Eliminate corporate subsidies for oil companies
Allow government to negotiate lower Medicare drug prices
Cut interest rate on student loans
Impose strict restrictions on lobbying
Tax cuts to middle class
More taxes at high end
Pay as you go – no more bill at any time to increase the deficit.
And this one, which will certainly take more than 100 days:
Redeploy much of the troops in Iraq in 2007 out of harm’s way (inside or outside Iraq) to focus on where they’re needed either at home (on the Gulf Coast for the National Guard) or abroad (Pakistan/Afghanistan)
It’s an ambitious agenda. And I’m sorry Republicans who hate it, but it is America’s future. If you look at it as a Plan for America, rather than a Democratic Plan for America, you might find these ideas are not so bad after all.

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  • Gordon from Bora Bora November 10, 2006 9:28 am

    I guess I’ll return from my exile on the Isle–but every flight I book–goes through Atlanta

  • Vicky November 10, 2006 7:30 am

    Hi to you Gordon in SF. Nice to hear from you again too; you should post more often.

  • Gordon in SF November 9, 2006 10:30 pm

    I coudn’t be happier with the results. I worked hard doing the Call for Change thing with, and I’d like to think I made a difference. I mostly concentrated on Rhode Island and calling for Mr. Whitehouse.
    Hi Vicky! Good to see your name here.
    And hello to you, Mark. Great, GREAT shows lately.

  • Vicky November 9, 2006 8:52 pm

    Robt – The only reason I can see Bush having a problem with Pelosi is because of their great differences – for you to say it’s due to her being a woman – I think that’s just plain silly and not accurate. Pelosi is extremely radical in her pro-abortion views – even her own family has objected to her extreme position on this.
    Whatever, mad, I don’t care to discuss anything with you – you have an attitude toward me personally and I won’t waste anymore time with you. People who claim the name of Christ with the same breath as claiming the right to kill unborn children – make me ill.

  • madfuq November 9, 2006 4:29 pm

    Vicky I did look at the individuals you posted above and this is what I found.
    Nancy Pelosi: your comments above I could only find on NewsMax- right wing rag, Investers com. right wing financial rag
    John Kerry: National Review – right wing rag.
    George Soros only right wing blogs!
    Ted Kennedy on Cape Wind Project – conerns for local inhabitants and thinks they should receive royalties for the damage they would have. EPA concerns on pollution in construction damage to migratin birds and sea life. He expressed oversight on regs and if those are satisfied he would comply and encourage the project. He was not the only one on these grounds. You can read this on their site: Cape Wind Project.
    Hillary Clinton is pro choice so that automatically vilifies her to you but expresses Safe, Legal and seldom. I realize this would not please you but from what I read about the 13 year old age it was because of incest rape by a father or family member, but I guess that is ok with you?
    So far all of the above for the most part are from very partisan sites except the Kenneday one.