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The First Six Months of the Obama Administration

July 21, 2009

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  • Time Traveler from the Ninth Dimension August 15, 2009 9:06 am

    A New Tomorrow
    I just came here
    to die
    and here am I
    for another generation,
    doing what I’m doing,
    being what I’m being,
    seeing what I’m seeing
    through the filtered eyes of my perception,
    at the edge
    of a new dimension,
    dare I dive in,
    head first, after a double twist
    and a flip
    into the dark abyss,
    then swim through soupy brine,
    to the dream of a new tomorrow.

  • Robt July 27, 2009 3:21 am

    As for the republicans barking political attack rhetoric at Obama. This isn’t anything different from their treatment of Clinton. It is only working with Dittoheads and the extreme base that cannot believe Obama is a U.S. born citizen.
    This crazy base are called “Birthers”. After GW Bush took the 2000 election to the US Supreme Court to over ride Florida’s state rights in the election. That the rupublicans would not return to the Supreme Court in a lawsuit for McCain to be president? Really?
    Even their hipocisies over Clinton’s affair in respect to Sanford, Mark Foley, Gingich, Ensign, Vitter, of course the airport Toe Tapper from red state Idaho.
    The media does appear to display that there is NO “liberal Media”.
    OK, with the exception of Mark here.
    It amazes me that republicans from 2000 to 2008 had no inkling of interest when it came to spending.
    From iraq War expentiture, tax cuts, to T.A.R.P. at the end. Even TARP under Bush was OK. You could see by how the Republican majority voted for it. But when Obama requested spending, republicans unitedly voted NO.
    Nah, no partisanship before country there.
    A classic neurosis would be S.Carolina’s (R) Sen Demint. Who recently claims killing any health care reform is Obama’s waterloo.
    While Demint’s own S. Carolina’s Gov Sanford making his name by refuseing needed stimulas funds and his states lagislature over riding him for the funds. Was outsourcing his hookers to Argintina and putting American hookers out of business.
    But Demint’s concern with politically soiling himself over foiling a nations most serious discussion of health care reform.
    What does Sen Demint tell the people of his state that work two jobs that provide no health care. has preconditions that insurance Co’s deny him any policy. Even if they did he would be able to afford it or have the coverage he or she really require.?
    But this Demint voter pays taxes that pays Demint’s health care plan. This tax payer pays taxes that pay for Veterans health care?
    As their Queen palin quits her DUTY to fulfill her contract. But Sanford who is just incompetent thinks GOD told him to tell the people of his state God’s commandment to allow this very special Governor(Sanford) to continue his great work.
    Really ?

  • Dr. Hack/Hank McFrankenstein July 26, 2009 9:00 am

    Mr. O’Moore–so refreshing to come across someone so open about their schizophrenia as to have a slashed option for a first name
    Obama–well ya know–President’s a tough job–his optimism of yes, we can–is being absorbed by Washington–into, I thought I could–
    intent is Obama’s rock–therein lies his power–or the lack of it

  • madfuq July 23, 2009 4:09 am

    I find it ironic that the right wing nuts are so damn vocal on everything Obama does and have been from the beginning.
    George Bushnit was given at least a 6 year honeymoon by the press and the public too for the most part. But the right wing nuts being the sore losers they are have attacked Obama even before he took the oath of office.
    I myself am impressed with how many things he is trying to do with damn little help from even some of the democrats. Those democrats that are bought and paid for by the insurance industry! They sure let us know who they are for and it sure isn’t we the people. Do I think Obama can walk on water hell no and I don’t agree with all of his policy but it is sooooo much better than the last regime and I am proud he is making an effort to heal our reputation with the rest of the world. We can not afford to be isolated anymore the globe is just too small for that to be feasable espcially since we have been sold down the river by corporations that owe their allegence to the all mighty dollar and not the country. Kill the worker and you kill the country!

  • Brian/Casper O'Moore July 22, 2009 4:08 pm

    Cons$idering the LIES$ and PROFITEERS$ addicted RIGHTIST’S$ “NEWS$” Media, and the UBER-OBSTRUCTIVE REPUBLICANS in Congress, I would say that Obama is nonethless, doing “pretty well,” … but he needs to get even more aggressive in his speeches and talks, and not JUST on health care, but on a truly, needed, NOW, LIVING Minimum Wage(EG, $11.75 to $12.75 per hour or so, which also keeps in mind the lower costs-of living{NOT SO, really though, in their areaS$ hit by Hurrican KATRINA, etcetera]in places like Mississippi, etcetera) to BOOST the living standards from the “bottom up” of America’s economy, ie for our WORKERS$, the most PRODUCTIVE WORKERS Per Capita, on the Planet, the AMERICAN WORKER!(*Etcetera.)