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What Should Be the American Role in Egyptian and Arab Democracy?

January 31, 2011

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  • Robt March 2, 2011 2:27 am

    Maek And lane,

    Hosni is gone.
    Omar will not do. to close to Hosni and he is responsible for much torture and abuse by his security.
    The most stable respected force is the military. Because mainly of all their western education and influence.
    The people trust them. So let the military leaders set up a interim leader until an election.

    The U.N. might be useful in monitoring the election.

    The people will need some time to organize political candidates and campaign.
    Some sort of campaign fairness and monitoring and advising would be required.

    I trust the people. They were smart enough to peaceful protest. Which everyone thought they would become violent. They ae fed up and are not ready to accept another Pharoah.

    The promise and follow through of phases of justice, economic fairness and opportunity, having more of a voice and balance between the elite of the contry and everyone else. It is obvious that is one large issue of the overthrow.

    Balancing powers of Gov’t that can stall a power hungry popular officail and reamian in tact as a seperate Gov’t power if an official is removed. And of course allowing a avenue for the people to remove their elction mistakes.

    We should not stick our nose in to far right now. help, advise but stand back because that will blow up in our face. We haven’t a good record on selecting our dirty rotten strong arm bastards to prop up. In the name of profit. Our profit.

    It may mean that, Egypt in the future does not provide a us with our own hard dictator which gives multi-national corporations with one stop shopping as they did through Hosni and only his close elite croneies.

    Mike, Egypt needs to make their changes for them not for the U.S.A. At what cost to tax payers do you want to stick America’s nose in Egypt.

    After all, America made its electoron mistakes.

    As far as your Mulim brotherhood, it scares me as much as the Tea Party or the Republican Brotherhood in the United States.

    I can see, Mike would use tax dollars to influence the Egypt election for the results interests other than Egyptians .

    Mike’s Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t learned.

    Idd, at the end of the show when you changed subjects. Mike seemed to be all in favor of the “states rights” mythology.

    May I say Mike,
    the GOP has played thisstates rights game for too long.
    From Bush and his majorities in congress going after Oregon on their medical appoved suicide law, After states legalizing pat for medical purposes. I can go on for quite a while, but I won’t.

    When the GOP is out of office is when the republican brotherhood reverses their position of state rights and gets real loud and defensive about it like it was forcing you into aminal sex or something.
    Like with the Gult BP oil spill, Booby Jindahl running around with his head cut off on tape on day complaining that he doesn’t need the Federal help or the President. The next day he is on the media feed getting all disgruntled at the President for not spending enough time in his state.

    You see, When you guys are so busy orchestrating. You don’t have the historical perspective from the peoples gallery.

    Ah, don”t fel so bad Mike, Some of the dems do it too. But the GOP has mastered this dysfunctionary media state rights/ no state rights imaging.

    And Mark, the same for you, Your choice for Egypt is your selection for your reasons. I think most Egptians are more concerned about having a Gov’t that offers some future which they all put their lives on the line for.
    And not so concerned with messing with Israel or.

    Those folks in the protests did not look at all to me that they wanted the Muslim Brotherhood, the republican brotherhood or another one stop shopping dictator for the multi-national corporations.
    They can handle most of it as long as the wealth doesn’t end up buying their election(s) as in America.

  • Nathan Kagan February 2, 2011 4:10 pm

    Please look closely at some personalities preaching American exceptionalism.
    What makes them exceptional? Is it their intelligence?, their knowledge?, their achievements?.
    What makes Sarah Palin exceptional? Her history knowledge?, her accomplishments as unfinished governor?, her leadership?
    Being an American is an honor, not a privilege. It comes with responsibilities. Exceptional country consists of exceptional people.
    We should ask ourselves – are we exceptional?
    Are we exceptional enough to invade other countries?
    Are we exceptional in the way we take care of our citizens?
    Are exceptional in educating our children?
    America is a great country, based on great democratic principles, where anybody with a dream and hard work can succeed. But do we really have the right to call ourselves exceptional just because our military is bigger?, or because we have more guns and kill more of our own citizens than any other developed country in the world?
    Do we have the right to bully other nations?, to install “our way of life” by force?
    Is the fact that large number of Americans does not know where Africa is on a map gives us the right to ignore the wishes of other nations, and to be self-centered, arrogant and condescending?
    Does our perceived exceptionalism give us an excuse to be ignorant, arrogant and violent? Just because you happen to be born in America, does not make you better that other human being born somewhere else.
    Our exceptionalism implies responsibilities
    to lead, not to force
    to respect, not to dismiss
    to learn, not to excuse our ignorance
    to listen, not to assume we know better
    to be willing to learn from others
    But first, and foremost, not to accept our exceptionalism as a given, as a birthright.
    As a country we have a great potential. America is still a leader of the Free world.
    Are we exceptional?
    But this leadership is earned with blood and sacrifices and hard work.
    While listening to some people talking about the American exceptionalism I am thinking that if we would follow them, our country would indeed be exceptional. The same way that Yemen is exceptional – a lot of weapons and violence and not much else.
    Exceptionalism is not a birthright. Just because someone is born here does not make that someone exceptional.
    Clare Boothe Luce, the American playwright, congresswoman and ambassador said:
    – The notion that America had some “gilt-edged guarantee of national superiority”.
    The notion of our own complacent sense of superiority, our belief that America will always come out on top, that will not be the case unless we make it so.