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The Inside Scoop on the Arrest of a Harvard Professor

July 28, 2009

Mark gives all the details tonight, from the 911 call to the radio dispatches, and discusses them with you.

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  • Dr. Blackie McBlackman July 31, 2009 8:39 am

    A simple I.D. check should have cleared up this situation quickly–and if the professor didn’t have I.D.–he has the right to be arrested just like any other American citizen
    this incident is more a grim reminder that we live in a police state–where all of our rights are dictated by men with guns at very intimate moments when they ask, where’s yer papers?
    but don’t knock the police state–it is a necessity born out of large populations of ego-centric, off-balanced humans living in concentrated areas
    welcome to the monkeyhouse professor–don’t sneer at the police officer–or he’ll beat yer ass down–good cops don’t care what color you are–they are equal opportunity enforcers–and when you mouth off–you become a target
    you want justice in Amerika? hah–(what do you call a black man in court–guilty)
    excuse me–while I dig another foxhole and wait for graduation day