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Fiscal Mess & Preventing Gun Violence [Inside Scoop TV]

January 14, 2013


My guest is conservative think-tank Matt Robbins, Executive Director for the American Majority

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  • Robt January 21, 2013 7:37 pm

    Reports continue that gun shows are drawing in crowds. Especially in the aftermath of many of the mass killings. Colorado after the theater shooting had record sales at the gun show after that massacre for instance.
    What is that? Fear?

    With gun and ammo sales through the roof, it must attest to the nation’s economy is performing better than advertised. Some of these assault weapons are in the $ thousands. Stores cannot keep ammo on the shelves.
    If the economy isn’t doing so well, are they spending their Welfare checks at gun shows and ammo stores?

    I have heard over and over the argument that “guns don’t kill people – people kill people”.

    Therefore, this argument is for my right to bear Weapons grade Anthrax. To protect me against tyranny (which I alone get to decide who is and isn’t tyrannical. WEapons grade Anthrax is great for hunting deer and defending my family against those who would put it at life threatening peril.
    Because you see, “Weapons grade Anthrax does not kill people-people who release weapons grade Anthrax on the public kill people”.
    I know , I know….!

    Hace you seen the gun accidents that ocurred on “Gun Appreciation Day”, alone ?

    If I hear one more person state that baseball bats or cars kill more people as an argument in favor of the public owning Assualt weapons, You will all be sent to your rooms without electronic games or phones for the rest of the day.
    Or, we can exchange all guns for baseball batsand cars, how is that?