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The Iraq Study Group

December 7, 2006

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By now, the results of the Iraq Study Group will be in.
Will any of us be surprised if it does not magically solve the problem?

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  • Bush thinks he's Chuck Norris--but is really a pet goat president as well as a lame duck December 10, 2006 10:16 am

    Cannery–that Bush fear of appearing weak is certainly a family trait–the prince’s father was guilty of it and recently blew his cover (certainly much to his chagrin–probably hanging around Clinton too much) And George W. tries to be what he thinks Chuck Norris would be like as president
    But what is Bush’s recourse if the Maliki government just dissolves? The Sunnis and the Shiites have a 1400 year-old struggle that borders won’t mend–and neighborhood-watch militias truly rule the streets of Baghdad (My mind can only reflect to the beau coup dien cai dao deja vu of Vietnam’s Tet ’68)
    Of course Cheney must go (war profiteering) before Bush can be dispelled–and, guess what, by then his term is over
    A newly elected president will have to cleanup Bush’s mess (George 43 will have the presidential legacy of being a boy among men–in history he will become a footnote with reference to “My Pet Goat”–and over time he will become the “Pet Goat” president
    Oh well, call him that now–history might not have that much time left

  • Robt December 9, 2006 1:59 pm

    Bush is the ultimate ” CEO President”.
    I have never seen or heard of a “CEO” admit error or wrong. They just don’t. If and when any CEO fails that badly and needs to be replaced. It is always a resigmnation with full pay and keeping their so called dignity. There is no firings of CEO’s.
    Bush is proving to be no different in this as a CEO President. That is why the Republicans treated Foley, Delay et al as executives. Losing ones executive position is punishment enough to actually hold them to legal ramifications.
    That Full accountable legal system is for us, the little people.

  • The Bush Cannery December 9, 2006 1:48 pm

    Can Bush,
    You like Dick Cheney?
    The Saudi money trail is indeed proven going in to suppurt certain Iraqi’s. Bush Adm does refuse to address it. The Iraq study Group touchs on it.
    Did anyone realy think Bush would seriously let any group intervine with his legacy.?
    Bush is too worried of looking “weak”. I don’t see any concern from Bush of honest resolve in his stay the course. If he weakens America in the world but is able to display he is a tough guy somehow. Then the Republican party and George can feel they kept face. You see it another way?
    As for training Iraqi’s;
    How do you train a police force or army that can just quit at any time, and do?
    Training shiites that they may form militia death squads targeting Sunni?
    The same for training Sunni to be able to fight Shiite.
    The press always descibes 3 groups-Kurd, Shiite, Sunni. But there are so many other factions within the three factions.Tribes amongst tribes within the shiite and sunni.
    Iraq seems to have some of the worst violence mainly because it is the most diverse in its population tribal sects.
    I am not even sure if giving the Sunnis their own region with borders. A section of the city(even) separate for the shiite would help. It may provide sectarian control to neigborhoods that may cut down some violence. It may just move the violence to sectarian drawn borders. It will definately in the long run cause isolation of the tribes.
    Civil wars are bloody and don’t usually cease till one side wins or tire of the inhumanity. Truces for the time such as the Korea’s have worked to a large degree. But the drawn border is much more defined to defend than Iraq could be between sunni and shiite. In my opinion.