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The Island of Lost Poems

October 14, 2005

Got a poem burning inside you that’s not on topic?
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  • Tiny Tim August 3, 2007 9:23 am

    Infinitesimal Soul
    There are no endings,
    just new beginnings
    to ever evolving vistas
    of extending creation,
    Be calm
    within this manifestation
    of wonder,
    for fear has no place
    in the consciousness
    of heaven,
    Enter a golden realm
    where pain is no more,
    as joy is the conveyance
    of spiritual education
    and lovers are the teachers
    of the lesson plan,
    Come to an understanding
    of your infinitesimal immutable soul,
    just a small part
    of an always expanding majestic whole.

  • PAGLIACCI July 30, 2007 10:37 pm

    Just like Pagliacci did
    I try to keep my sadness hid
    Smiling in the public eye
    But in a lonely room I cry
    The tears of a clown
    When there’s noone around, oh yeah, baby baby
    Now if there’s a smile on my face
    Don’t let my glad expression
    Give you the wrong impression
    Don’t let this smile I wear
    Make you think that I don’t care
    Cos really I’m sad…
    Well they’re some sad things known to man
    But ain’t too much sadder than
    The tears of a clown when there’s no one around
    Oh yeah, baby baby, oh yeah baby baby
    (Smokey Robinson and The Miracles