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The Last Presidential Debate

October 16, 2008

John McCain had a choice in this campaign. He could have run a positive campaign. He could have run to the middle of America, to moderates, to the middle class, to bipartisanship. He could have chosen well-respected Maine Senator Olympia Snowe and ran as a deficit hawk.
Instead he chose negative campaigning, and an appeal to the far-right, the superrich, and the hateful fundamenatalists, typified by that lawless “Cheney-in-a-dress” Alaskan Governor he chose as his running mate.
Last night’s Presidential Debate showed why John McCain’s fateful choices doom his campaign. With the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Americans are finally tiring of negative campaigns. McCain has tried his best to “swift-boat” Barack Obama…and failed miserably.

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  • Ron Smith October 17, 2008 2:32 pm

    I think that’s “bandied around”

  • Robt October 16, 2008 2:43 am

    Sen John McCain fully convinced me that he is angry.
    Sen McCain’s anger managment skills are not to be questioned.
    It didn’t appear that the republican vangard “Daddy” President figure was making very many registers ring open. The right wing media has for years banted about this notion that Liberals “moisten their fingers and hold them up in the wind “, to determine their decision(s). Where Republicans are the
    “Decider(s)” and will decide what is best for you without your input.
    We all know the republicans handed over Gov’t to corporations and foriegn trade.
    Sen McCain did well in comparison to his prior debates. Although the signs of desperation in McCain’s attacks over ACORN that John himself has participated with recently and Ayers who Big republican financial supporter (Annenburg) placed Ayers on the same board they put Obama on. And this Annenburg that not only pals around with terrorists, but hires terrorists like Ayers as well. The whole time Annenburg is supporting McCain’s campaign.
    Is McCain palling around with terrorist employers?
    is John willing to lose the election over Bush agent campiagn slimes than he is winning the presidency on issues ?