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The Last Word on the Democratic National Convention

August 8, 2004

(archived broadcast )

Convention Leftovers:
What were the costs and benefits of a “positive convention”
Where is the Kerry “bounce”?
Why were there so few protestors (while I expect hundreds of thousands to protest against Bush in New York)?
What is the INSIDE SCOOP on Obama’s success, breaking the political “rule” that Blacks cannot win statewide offices in the USA?
Which speaker most resisted Kerry’s relentlessly positive message? (No. Not Al Sharpton.)
The spin on the spin: Extreme Makeovers, the Reagan snub, Teresa Heinz Kerry unleashed, etc.
The importance of the largest applause line of Kerry’s speech — one that went virtually unnoticed by the media — quoting Lincoln on God
AND why John Kerry will likely be the 44th President of the United States

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  • Nathan August 9, 2004 1:48 pm

    Thanks Mark, I look forward to listening to it.

  • RikAtomika August 9, 2004 12:50 pm

    It would be a downer if Diebold provided your station’s equipment; there wouldn’t be a backup copy you could archive from.
    Are the Republicans looking for Nobel Prize winners to buy off to denounce Jimmy Carter’s Nobel Prize? Will It be called “Nobel Prize Winners for Truth”? ;P