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The Last(?) Word on the Ohio Re-Count of Presidential Votes

January 24, 2005

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Guest: Statistician Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., whose expert documentation and analysis of the Ohio Presidential election returns were the basis for the lawsuit challenging the result. A lawsuit that the courts of Ohio have, to this day, never examined on the merits…
Check out Dr. Phillips’ website and How to Rig an Election
Dr. Phillips tells us this pre-election joke about the Florida election machines came true in Ohio!

Mark’s comment: “Before anyone ‘moves on’ to contemplate the next four years, we still need a definitive understanding of what happened in Ohio.”
“I have spoken with Professor Phillips, and I think he will surprise every single person who listens with an open mind, from fierce Bush partisans certain Bush won to fierce Kerry partisans certain that Kerry won. I believe Dr. Phillips’ knowledge and grasp of the facts and details of the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio is unmatched by anyone, anywhere. You are guaranteed to learn something on today’s broadcast.”

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