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The Petraeus Report

September 11, 2007

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  • Robt September 12, 2007 5:31 am

    After watching the CSPAN Petreaus report. I’ve concluded the Republicans are not concerned with Al Qeda. If they were they would still be in Afgahnistan after Osama and his gang.
    It is that they fear they opened the gates for Iran to either move in and control Iraq with Syria or Iraq become an Iran ally and not ours.
    Here’s a plan. Pull back the troops. Allow Al Qeda to move in (like the fear monger will happen).
    Then Al Qeda is in control of a country that we can strike. After all Al Qeda has no country to attack. But if we heed some of these war mongers, they will move in and take over. Finally be sitting ducks in their own country.

  • Robt September 12, 2007 3:56 am

    I believe it was Levin that read off the initial basis for the surge. One of the main reasons for the surge in the first place was to provide time of quelled violence that the Iraqi government may have a window to reconcile its sectarian differences enough to stablize a representative Government.
    Petraeus speaks to the military tactical role of the surge. That military surge did not completely provide the ease in violence and mayham as advertised.
    Very important is the fact that the political reconciliation for the Government has splintered even further in sectarian frustrations. During this surge.
    So the surge of US forces providing the time frame for Iraqi government to get its act together failed. Lets face it. The Iraqi may not be so interested in signing those PSA’s that America is actually after. Iraq’s share of 25% and US oil companies 75% does appeal to them, you think?
    Yet for Bush to make the call that their resisting democracy and he needs more money and guns and bullets to because we haven’t killed enough people in Iraq to get what Cheney wanted, not necessarily what protects the nation.
    Watching CSPAN and the questioning. It seems difficult to think that the Dems have really begun to take charge as most of us wanted earlier. I can see the Dems are very poised to end the war. I understand the difficulty of the Dems wanting a responsible end to Iraq. Where the Repubs seem concerned with their “honor, surrender, patriotism ” and such. With the exception of Warner’s questioning, he was factually unpartisan in front of the CSPAN camera.