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The Soul of America (Raucous Caucus)

July 1, 2010

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  • Robt July 11, 2010 5:45 pm

    Hey Mark,
    What is with the Omaha, Nebraska comment?
    You do realize that in the 2008 presidential election that Omaha (one of 3 electoral district Neb. districts) Voted and provided then Presidential candidate Obama with one of three electoral votes the State had to offer. This has led to a aggrivated republican party that is trying to change this state to a winner take all electoral state.
    Nebraska is not quite Kansas, but it is nearby
    Just saying……………

  • Robt July 11, 2010 5:33 pm

    Hey Fred,
    Why all the beating around the bush? Just say wht you really mean?
    As far as a country of Hispanucs will look like Mexico, why is it Spain does not look like Mexico?
    As for simple blaming other races for their countries situations at present. You may want to consider the white mans forced influence and pillaging of these countries through out history. It has something to do with it you know?
    White people discovered America? That was news to the native Americans? I guess you think America should go back to a stronger “rape and pollage economy”? The good old days?
    It isn’t Mexicans, blacks of any other race that is having negative effects. in America right now. It is more to do with the American flag pin (made in China) wearing patriots that will sell out America to Red China for a profit (persoanl gain).
    There is “white trash in America that you seem to provide a pass to. There are some other than white raced countries doing a lot better than they used to. As long as corporations do not exploit them for their country’s resources. Sort of like America is being exploited. Instead of America mining ore and manufacturing products from it. It is being sold and exported to other nations to manufacture products to sell to America. This leaves Americans out of work, and our nations resources belonging to countries as China. As their people are employed to prodice with our resources.
    That is not a mexican or Black race inherant trait.
    IF you haven’t noticed their are many politicians that tell you that this big powerful nation deserves a small impotent Gov’t and you probably swall0ow that without chewing first.
    Since you like taking the brash crude approach to discussing issues here is a dream come true for you.
    Listen up.
    If American Gov’t is too big. If America is too regulated. If you don’t like some Socialism in your capitalistic monarchy, if public roads and parks paid for with tax dollars makes you sick. If you can’t stand social medicine as your Medicare. If you like owning unregistered guns (police can’t trace)with the unabashed right to carry anywhere and use anytime to threaten anyone.
    If Obama and the Democratic party are causing you to disavow Thomas Jefferson as one of our founding fathers because he wrote about the “separation between church and state” .
    Here is a place you can go and take Rush, Beck and the republican neocons with you. You’ll love the cholera….
    click link

  • Fred Dawes July 10, 2010 11:38 am

    if this nation was all hispanic it would look like mexico, if this nation was made up of blacks it would look like KENYA, So why do you want to be like a third world poor house? with kids who die by the millions each year by having nothing to eat and AID’S Is king.
    you should thank all white people for being here and living good, because we made it a place that moneys can live with humans and can eat( not humans ) good and live under laws. and jews thank the USA For making you and God bless all monkeys and god keep your cage nice and clean and sparking like your teeth around a fireplace in the dead of night.
    I knew i should have sold all my blacks back in 1860.

  • Robt July 9, 2010 12:56 am

    That is one great America of yours you got there, Bob.
    Shut them up, eh?
    Maybe chase them down?
    Smoke them out?
    Now that I think of it, I remember reading in the Bill of Rights where it states, America belongs to Bob and Bob will dictate who is blessed to speak and who is not because the is America. We’re not like them other contries where Bob isn’t in charge of everyone.
    Is it that your faith in religion causes you to be superior correct over everyone else?
    maybe instead of shutting them up you can waterboard them 96 times in one month to try and find out information on their friends and contacts so you can shut them up too?

  • bob jones July 8, 2010 3:15 pm

    you are the most liberal NUT i have ever seen. Come nov. we will shut you and people like you up!!!