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The State of the Union

January 29, 2008

Bush gives his final speech to the nation and tries to put his best gloss on what his Administration has bequeathed America over the past seven ears: the terrible economy, loss of life at home and abroad, massive debt, unending war, increased poverty, shrinking dollar, huge dependence on foreign oil, failure to catch Osama Bin Laden, opposition and setbacks to science, loss of jobs, treason, and shredding of the Constitution for which his Administration will always be remembered.

Tonight we address Bush’s last speech, say a prayer that he cannot do much worse in the last year than he did in the past seven, and discuss why historians in the future will consider this one of the worst Presidents in American History.

PLUS Gazans escape to Egypt. See comment below.

Gazans escape to Egypt. How fitting. Egypt caused the problem by invading the incipient Arab State of Gaza in 1948 and placing all the Arab refugees in refugee camps and ruled with an iron fist thereafter. Why can’t they take over again? It’s time for Israel to cease humanitarian aid. If the Arabs care about their own, they should take care of the pathologies of Gaza and Hamas. And if the wealthy sheikhs don’t care enough about their own, that should be plain for the world to see. It’s time Israel washed its hands of Gaza, builds a giant wall, and says “Buh-Bye.” And when Gaza shoots missiles into Israeli towns and cities, Israel should shoot missiles right back in self defense.

Where are those in Gaza who prefer the killing stop? Who understand that Hamas helps Gazans like the Nazis helped Germany? Where are those who blame the perpetrators and not the victims? Those critics who attack Israel acting in self defense under international law should be asked to live in Sderot, an Israeli border town that is constantly under attack.

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  • Robt January 29, 2008 2:02 pm

    GW’s speech writers weren’t outsource to a foreign country this time. GW decided to splurge with taxpayers money (because SLURGE sounds like SUGE)and helps the economy out of recession by insourcing his speech writers. It is ashamed the speech writers union weren’t on strike.
    So what are the issues that weren’t neo con victorious enough to make it into the speech?
    -No Child Left Behind?
    -Renewable green energy?
    -jobs/employment growth?
    -Budget deficit balancing?
    (for example)
    It can be very telling of a SOTU of what the President decides not to speak on.
    How much time and elaboration is given to his Adm accomplishments. Like the mere 2 accomplishments of many which the Iraqi Gov’t was to achieve while our military were being killed to provide a lull in Iraqi violence.
    Or how he stated Al Qaida is on the run in Iraq and ignores Pakistan and Afganistan Al Qaida on the rise? Never mentioning Shia/Sunni violence.
    I didn’t actually think the President would try to scorn the Democratic Congress over his immunity for Telecoms. But he in fact did. Buy stating to the effect, “Immunity needs to be passed for the Telecoms for helping the U.S Gov’t in the war on terrorism. And a medal of freedom for Bush who could constitutionally or legaly go to the Telecoms for this. It had to be done outside the law because the law is for those unclean lack of wealth types. Not corproate entities or the Murdoch’s.
    Blackwater has a built in immunity, horrible mistake.
    But our “brave honored troops” are held responsible for any misdeed be it, one their own, direct orders, or plain troops gone wild.
    How military enlistment is in record numbers?
    Where does he get those figure? GW’s Armed Forces Generals seemed to start itching hemroids
    in their seats as the camera panned to them when the President stated that. I hear them hemroids can be painful.
    He did say about 20 thousand military will be coming home.
    How many were in Iraq before the surge?
    How many were agreed to send in, for the surge?
    How many actually were sent in, for the surge?
    Then, How many contractors were sent in for the surge?
    How many contractors will be sent home after the 20 thousand troops leave?
    Details- details- details……………..
    Did the President give any indication of how he will leave the country in debt, obligated in Middle East, “the next President will get Osama” Because he (GW) spent more time vacationing during war than finding the Al Qaida serpents head?
    Bush spoke of his last minute endeavor for his final year to resolve Israel/ Palistinian differences. What he may try to initiate may bring greater harm to the next Presidents oppotunity to make progress in that regard.
    And the repubs whined that the Clinton’s trashed the White House when they left. Well this President trashed America and left an ugly yellow rug in the White House. He trashed most of the World for that matter…………………

  • The historian January 29, 2008 10:07 am

    George Bush edges out William Henry Harrison as the worst president ever–and Harrison died in his first thirty days in office
    As censure, Bush should be forced to wear his underwear outside of his pants for the last year of his office
    And, of course, convict Bush and Cheney both for crimes against humanity and the State–when they leave office–fit them both for orange jump-suits and have them pick up trash for the rest of their lives–ok ok–let Bush cop a plea–and let him be my butler–and every time Bush serves me my green tea–I can kick him in the butt

  • Robt January 28, 2008 1:41 pm

    Wonder if GW stresses the victory of the “Surge”. And all its accomplishments.
    That the Lion lays with the Lamb now in Iraq because of His monorailed course. And what influence does Cheney slip in over Iran?
    We know the economy is “strong” in GW’s appraisal. Combined with manufacturing base loss, the effectiveness of removing all those pesky Gov’t regulations on commerse which provided us with poison dog food, anti-freeze in toothpaste, lead in toys, and cloned meat that will not be labled that it is. Was there still enough regulations enforced that the Gov’t caused Enron’s snafu?
    If GW would only address how his privatizing of Social Security would be so very greedily prosperous for all about now in the market.
    For Huckabee’s sake, I hope the President talks about the accomplishments of his Faith based initiative.
    McCain dares not to even go to hear his President and support him. Afraid of falling asleep again?
    What is curious most of this SOTU is what his final stretch will he attack that is left. What the President with his ratings could think he would have voter capital to support him in any endeavor?
    It would be very interesting to see the Repub candidates responses to Bush’s SOTU. Will they embrace or dig a moat between them and their President.
    I think GW tries to put Iraq on the mantle while trying to avoid the domestic and its economic issues as not on par with Al Qaida.
    The last repub debate was the attempt to center Iraq above the economy. Will they influence GW’s SOTU? Hmmmm?