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Details on Torture Emerge

April 22, 2009

Who, if anyone should be prosecuted?

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  • Bubba McBuddha April 29, 2009 8:18 am

    Vicky taught me–no one has a monopoly on the truth
    So easy to love beauty,
    ugliness is the real chore,
    what then is the lesson
    of perverse imbalance of perception,
    of chaos and famine,
    of epidemic and depression,
    of everyday war,
    tulip and daffodil so pretty,
    remind me
    to see through the pain,
    to learn to smile again
    to the face of spiritual duty,
    that offers sincere condolences
    for whatever fear
    the world appears,
    God is still God
    blooming all around,
    expressing nature’s enduring perfection.