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The Way Forward for Marriage Equality

September 27, 2010

Tonight, I spoke live on “The State of Prop 8: The Way Forward for the Gay Marriage Fight in California and Beyond” for the ADL.

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  • Bill Douglas October 29, 2010 2:50 pm

    Dear Mark Levine,

    I am sending a query about appearing on your show. I’d appeared on Air America, and over 100 radio interviews on various stations, in the past. You’ll see that my new book “2012 The Awakening” is a highly relevant commentary on war, peace, and the manipulation of human consciousness at the core of these issues.

    FBI Whistleblower and TIME Magazine Woman of the Year, Coleen Rowley wrote of my book, “visionary – exposing the dark machinations of how people are being manipulated – while providing a vision of hope.”

    While, multi-best-selling spiritual author Deepak Chopra wrote of my novel, “What a gift it is to see fictional entertainment tackling the large issues of humanity!”

    You’ll find the below interview I just did on the Progressive Radio Network compelling and intriguing.

    Warm regards, and I look forward to talking with you and your listeners.

    Bill Douglas, Founder of World Healing Day,
    Author of “2012 The Awakening”

    Interview Query: Activist & Novelist’s Fact Based Book Explores the Machinations of Power, Wikileaks, and more …