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This Bush Crony Has Blood on His Hands!

November 10, 2005

THE INSIDE SCOOP on George W. Bush’s Former Ambassador to Italy, Melvin Sembler, who ran a teen drug rehab center where thousands of American teens were physically and mentally abused in horrific, degrading ways.

Guest: Reporter John Gorenfeld

Ambassador de Sade: Bush rewarded one of his loyalists with the ambassadorship to Italy — despite his past as the founder of a cult-like teen rehab clinic.

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  • Jen December 3, 2005 12:01 pm

    I did my time in that hell hole. A total of 39 months. Yup, 3 years 3 months!!!In Mass, from the age of 15 to almost 19. I did gradute and only because of fear and guilt. They made me feel like I would never be anything if I could complete the program.I am still in contact with a couple people from there neither are “sober” including myselfand some that are from time to time. We are all married and doing o.k. Despite what they made us think. But I believe we need each other still because I believe we were all tramatized in our own way and only we can truly relate to each other.And I do have alot to say aboutit.. Jen

  • Kelly November 21, 2005 11:40 am

    Thanks Ginger…you rock as well – I remember when I first found Fornits two years ago (or so), it really helped me come to grips with what I was feeling (not that I’m there yet or anything 😉 ).
    For the past 6 1/2 years I’ve felt so incredibly isolated (ironic) by my experience at Cross Creek…It’s as if the “me” before the Program was a completely distinct “me” from after the Program – if that makes any sense…I feel like I’m finally starting to get back to the “real” me (who I was before Cross Creek), but even now (at 25) it’s difficult & confusing.
    My research objectives are heavily based, not only on my own experience, but on the experiences of others whom I have talked with as well. All of this evidence is purely anecdotal, however, which is why I am proposing the study. Anyhow, I’m pretty excited about it.
    I really, REALLY want to see this somewhere in the mainstream media…I think the Bush crony angle is, of course, fantastic right now given the political climate. I might also bring up HR 1738, although there is considerable debate among survivors on the bill’s viability…I think it would be a good thing to bring up if, for nothing else, to give the issue a sense of urgency/current political context.