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Torture in American Prisons

May 23, 2004

(archived broadcast )
with Guest: Jamie Fellner, Human Rights Watch
Unfortunately, abuse in prison doesn’t just happen in Iraq…

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  • Fred Dawes September 21, 2004 1:32 am

    Philippe, Did I see you said (gives you the freedom to speak up?) Well can I say we who have been in this Nation have the right and duty under our system to say anything we like about this system of Government, we had a little war back in 1776 about that. The Government is not our master and my people were in that little fight, can I ask how mind dead you are? this form has been taken for one reason people saw what the old world was and didn’t want to live under it,So Remember the government is not giving us anything!
    The government is not the master we are the real masters of this nation which is becoming an empire of total madness! We made it work for us as a people! and for many reasons, it is profound but maybe you can’t see that fact, because of your non education about who and what this place we call the USA Was made for? not the government but for the people and by the people, but not the peoples of earth but for we the people of a nation and not an empire of fools, and yes many people of all kinds came here but we understood what we were all about, If people don’t get that we will all just become Muslim, Long live the USA AND LONG LIVE THE GUYS WHO MADE IT. Under attack by fools of the world, but WE WILL WIN.