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Two-Hour Debate Tuesday

November 29, 2005

Guest: Fellow TalkStar Radio Host Jim Greenfield
The first hour Mark is the guest of the Jim Greenfield Show. The second hour Jim is the guest on THE INSIDE SCOOP.

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  • G.I. Joe December 3, 2005 9:28 am

    Anon–when you are the one with the bullet in your head–the statistic of one KIA means so much–when I come back from the wars of the king–tell me I don’t have a job–and put all your sentiment in one big check and send it to me
    Anon–you spew the puke of insane rationale that the veterans of all wars became the victims of–either consciously or unconsciously or through mute testimony
    Victory is illusive
    over the disease that comes and goes
    leaving death in its wake.
    The search for reason in the midst
    of madness,
    ends in the depths
    of despair.
    When the killing starts
    so does the insanity
    and the wild ride of rationales,
    excuses for our inability to see
    an option to the horror.
    The fever never stops;
    it waxes
    and wanes
    in the guise of lies so twisted
    into knots
    that bind the mind in blinders
    hiding the truth,
    blocking release from the pain
    of the pervading malady.
    The Toll
    All those names on that big, black wall
    of broken dreams,
    it’s not about dyin’ for somethun’
    or someone else;
    it’s just about dyin’,
    forget what the politicos say.
    Liars and mourners try
    to supply the rationale
    for the impact that
    strikes hard and fast
    and lingers with pain
    many lifetimes.
    A memorial to madness,
    a sacrifice where none is needed,
    a testimony to the illusion
    so real.
    Never again? Hah!
    We do it again. Now!
    Again and again.
    How many have to kill and die
    and be reborn,
    become the one they killed
    and kill and die again
    to become the one they kill?
    Either the easy way
    or the hard,
    it will all end in innocence,
    thoughts of sin reversed;
    limitless gentleness
    will cover all evil,
    forgiveness complete.
    The Father’s Will be done;
    it cannot be otherwise.
    Gordon Neumann

  • Robt December 3, 2005 5:50 am

    After all said even with the comparison of 39 (“combat related”?) deaths in Iraq and 35 during january in Detriot.
    Should we invade Detroit? There is only imported oil there.
    Should we not start cleaning our own before preaching and forcing others to live as we say not as we do???????