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Two Steps Forward. One Step Back

November 7, 2018

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,’ I analyze the results of the midterm elections.
I also discuss Trump forcing Jeff Sessions to retire, and replacing him with Trump-crony Matthew Whitaker, who has publicly attacked the Mueller investigation and mused about starving it of funds.

This means that Trump may be trying to execute a slow-motion ‘Saturday night Massacre,’ a la Richard Nixon. So be ready to act if that happens by visiting, where you can find events in your area to participate in, and fight back if Mueller is fired. is preparing to hold emergency “Nobody Is Above the Law” rallies around the country, in the event they are needed—900+ of them and counting, in every state, with 400,000 RSVPs to date!

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  • warren November 10, 2018 12:25 pm

    Having listened to a voice clip of Nancy Pelosi; She stammered over whether or not to pursue impeachment of The President of The United States.
    As a Black Man, and Veteran; I can see the same methods unfolding with the Trump ideologies as with what occurred in 1938 Germany. No one thought that it would turn out as it did! America is not exempt!