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Week in Review 12/4/07

December 4, 2007


OK, so Iran is NOT seeking military use of nuclear weapons and hasn’t since 2003. Oops!

The Good News from Venezuela
The Bad News from Russia

Huckabee’s dirty tricks
Romney’s “religious” speech
The Obama-Clinton flap

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  • Robt January 3, 2008 6:08 pm

    With Iowa coming to its finish. Rudy experiences the caving of an avalanche, Thompson reaches for the emergency stop button. Romney outdoes Flipper the dolphin, McCain surges with the main stream media in fear of Huckabee’s vision of a theocracy. While Ron Paul is not even invited to the Republican party’s party.
    What of that Alan Keyes feller? Is he invited and not Paul?
    Resonating to me as;
    More war, continued friends and cronies economics, their “God(s) superiority over others” instead of “One nation under God”. Let the free market decide if you need or can have medical care from those that earn their heafty salaries by denying coverages. Of course they still say what Constitution, They are the legislators that rule (excpt Ron Paul that invokes the constitution often. Will someone ask Paul if torture is legal?
    On the opposite side of the spectrum we have: Clinton’s baggage getting too heavy, as Hillary toils to carry her own luggage. Might be time to lighten the load maybe. While Obama somehow projects experience from his posturing.
    Biden, Richardson and Dodd continue to be overlooked in their experience and other strengths for some unknown flukiness or age discrimination, But their influence on the theme and in wwhich their supporters will migrate to another candidate is significant? While Edwards begins to get painted as an angry candidate for speaking out at corporate America’s excesses and the peons lack represnetation thereof.
    Evolving into a society that doesn’t provide for only the have’s, changing the economics to include all Americans, changing the direction of the last 8 yrs of foriegn policy(if you can call it a policy), possibly pandering of continuance of draining the swamp, seriously moving into a new era of energy for our future. Not hating Gov’t but making Gov’t we have responsible, accountable and effective or remove or change it. Yeah, the last issue is more of an ideal of a higher standard.
    A preliminary offer of how I see it.
    Anyone else?

  • Closet skeleton December 28, 2007 11:13 am

    As Ron Paul’s candidacy gains form–it will certainly inherit its own glitches