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Week in Review

October 30, 2007


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  • Robt November 5, 2007 1:27 pm

    I understand that your simply explaining and not backing Mukasey. But, can you explain the diference between the Republicans in their prior ’06 rubber stamp for Bush decisions as well as appointees and the Democatic majority now rubber stamping Mukasey, Habding Bush anti FISA legislation, and continuing to fully fund this Iraq War?
    The Dems won’t even cut out funding for many of the contractors abuses and frauds. Why not defund Blackwater until the Bush Adm decides to put Blackwater into a legal system? Defund the entire State Dept and start cutting funds to the Pentagon so they have to take exteme care of our tax dollars when doling it out to their exclusive republican benefactors.
    What the Dems seem to be displaying is that Dick Cheney is right when, it comes to the President is above the law and that the President does not have to give the time of day to the other so called co-equal branches of goverment.
    Sure, sure, Mukasey might be better than Satan’s trusted dog itself. But this appears to me as giving me a choice of losing my right arm or my left arm. Now that is freedom of choice.
    Look, Mukasey said he did not see the legal documents to make a decision on torture. What is the fire drill confirmation for? Give him the time to get informed and have him return. We have a Temp running the AG for now.?
    I have become suspicious that the Dems have been with Bush on these matters for some time and are aware of the torture memos and Policy in full. Perhaps they are manuvering to cover their butts in this smorgasboard of destroying the Constitution.
    By now the Dems should be forcing the Bill of Rights to return in complete format. But child health care is to the front of the line.
    And I ask you, “What good is having good health only to live in fascism or slavery under dictatorsip” ???????
    Are the Dems priorities lost already?
    Is it our legislators have in the back of their heads that none of this applies to them. That they in fact retain their Bill of rights and that somehow only the everyday citizenry’s rights are somehow distantly debatable and removed. As Congress is above the law with the President .
    That is my impression. Do you see this differently?

  • Mark Levine November 5, 2007 10:35 am

    Robert, I’m certainly not saying I agree with Mukasey (and I wouldn’t vote to confirm because of his refusal to respond on torture, although I have to admit we could get someone worse)
    I’m just explaining why he didn’t answer. More on next Tuesday’s show (11/5)