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Reasons for Optimism

October 14, 2008

We’re in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression,
The Government is nationalizing the Banks,
And yes, I’m in a good mood.

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  • Robt October 15, 2008 3:00 am

    I have some thoughts on optimism in the political arena of this Country.
    There is many republican ideologies that appear to be coming to a aggressive and trashing end.
    From Friedmanism to what? Back to Keynesianism? Perhaps recent nobel winner Paul Krugmanism?
    There are fractures in the religious rights God mongering. They do not seem to own God this election.
    The Right’s Fiscal responsible slice of the party is unhappy with their snapshot of themselves.
    The Friedmanites have been utterly shamed in practical application of economics in Capitalism. Friedmanism may still apply and somehow work in a violent dictatorship. Only in such a dictator enviroment.
    The right’s media, is in desparation and division. Blaming Bush and disowning their president.
    Rush has spoken out against McCain but attempts to carry water and he slimes Democrats in hopes he can support the lower ticket republicans.
    The elite media and PNAC’ers as Kristol, Frum, Buckley have broken with republican party and have openly state disagreements and deviceveness of McCain and party.
    Leaving a dying core of hard right core right water carrying espousers. The Hannitys, ORiellys, Ingrahms, Rushs audiences begin the dwindling of the pixies.
    FOX has despaired in solvent to rear Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay et al. The oldies but in reality today, not so goodie.
    The careers of the new attack water carying right hacks as Malkin, Jonah Goldberg are at risk.
    The rights think tanks are going to need to be funded to employ all these out of work discredited rebulican conservative hacks.
    The Republicans are in need of a bailout/rescue in the arena of ideas and ideology. Their cultural wars have ran their couse. Americans hopefully for the most have reached adulthood as they choose not to be divided in hate speech.
    Many have been bailing out of the Admistration way early to seek better offers or just land a job. Which Alberto Gonzales. Our former Atty General who is still unemployed. Not even the Heritage Foundation wants him or at least will provide a job in support of their favorite conservative Atty Generalist Bush loyalist?
    Republicans coat tails for lower tickets are deteriorating with each and every mccain/ Palin speech.
    Where is President Bush? Why doesn’t he get out to these Senators and stump for them? Like Bush stumping for Senator Elizibeth Dole? Why not?
    How about tapping on Vice President Cheney? Cheney stumping for Senator Norm Coleman?
    McCain’s last surviving support comes from a startling large amount of Washington lobbyists that roll the dice on Sen McCain for the craps game of their lobbyist’s careers.
    Lobbyists are out of sorts because they can’t prove to legislatures that they have the pulse of Americans and elected officials only need hear them. For lobbyists know best for voters and should control elected officials. They are an endangered species and are lobbying for that endangered protection from the voters.
    Could the mythical Liberal media become a reality?
    Could America find itself with real journalism and reporting facts openly communicating this to Americans that we may form educated decisions on the issues.
    Could Americans find enormous changes in the almost fascist feeling dominating republican consevative landscape. That this country becomes more of a we country than a me country?