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Week in Review

October 30, 2006

Bush denies he ever said “Stay the Course” and tries to re-write month-old history.
Does he really think we’re that stupid? Remember: most of his supporters are.
And Dick Cheney defends a practice of torture involving dunking a prisoner’s head in water that dates back to the Spanish Inquisition, while his wife Lynn Cheney tries to deflect attention away from the seamy side of her novels (all while criticizing the writing of war-novelist, dedicated-hero, and Democratic Senatorial candidate Jim Webb for acknowledging the seamy side of war).
I guess it all depends on what the definition of “torture”, “brothels” and “lesbian” is. Remember when Republicans were complaining about Bill Clinton’s legalistic definitions?
And, of course, the war in Iraq continues with maximum casualties, the genocide in Sudan continues with the Administration not lifting a finger, and our enemies in Iran and North Korea continue to develop nuclear weapons while Al Quaeda gathers strength. Corruption and bribery in Congress remain at a peak. The Members of Congress other than Foley who prey on pages are still not exposed, and the investigation as to how the Republicans covered up for Foley will not be released until after it’s too late for the American People to express an opinion on it on Election Day. Billions of taxpayer dollars are diverted to the President’s friends. The Middle Class falls farther behind. And across the country, corruptible voting machines are laid out for us to believe they accurately count the votes…
All in all, a typical week in Washington…
And it will remain that way until January 6, 2007, when the new Speaker Nancy Pelosi deals a mortal blow to corruption and wasteful spending in Washington. Imagine the dramatic changes that will occur if people work hard to elect Democrats one week from tomorrow….

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  • Iraq--Iraq--Iraq November 6, 2006 9:08 am

    This election is a referendum on the U.S. failed policy in Iraq and the mistakes made there since the fall of Baghdad