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Week in Review

January 22, 2007

The Non-Binding Resolution to Oppose the President’s Polices in Iraq…
The Democrats’ First Hundred Hours…
The Beginning of Campaign 2008
And any other news you want to talk about….
Guest: Joe Vecchio from the Cup O’Joe Radio show on the HORN.

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  • Robt February 4, 2007 2:27 am

    You mentioned the media. As far as I can tell the media changed drastically (to the far right) sometime during the 2000 election and really exercised its change to the right during the ’04 election. The Kerry bias was insurmountable. The right wing media flexed its muscle and its corporate finger at the American people.
    Example: Who in their right mind. With real journalistic credentials, and wanted to retain their credibility would have given the Swift boaters (mainly the lead neo repub) all that air time? It really hasn’t changed much since. There are times that FOX will go to Rush Limbaugh for his opinion on some newsy tid-bit. Inane.
    If this trial continues to move in its forseeable future. The media will then have to pick up the story. FOX had a panel talking about how Scooter was innocent and Fitzgerald “did what any investigator would do in a high profile case like this, which is to indict someone to keep face”. That is total nonesense, and only on FOX would you see it go that far.
    From down here in the forest where I am. It looks as though Scooter is looking at real time. With the exception of a Presidential pardon. Bush might have to write out a pardon for his VP as well. Hell, GW will be so busy writing pardons
    he won’t have time for signing statements.
    One way I hear the trial is shaping up is that the President “Wanted” it done. Cheney (with Karl Rove’s advice)arrainged it, to be done through Scooter. Scooter carried out the “outing” of Plame to the media.
    Last I saw, Fitzgerald made a great case of when Scooter knew of Plame(key), and that Scooter learned of Plame from a source that had security clearance to know(very key).
    Which means that if Scooter found out of Plame from a secure means then he leaked to a unsecure means, he’s sunk.! But, he could not be held accountable for learning of Plame from a nonsecure source(as the press). You follow this?
    Will Libby keep his mouth zipped? Or sing dressed in canary yellow when found guilty?
    I am waiting to see when Cheney takes the stand and explains his notes on this. Will Bush accompany Cheney as Cheney accompanied Bush to the 9/11 commission?
    How many times will Cheney say (while on the stand) that, ” because of national security he can not answer ” ?????

  • madfuq February 4, 2007 1:21 am

    Robt, it is getting very interesting but it sure is funny that the main stream media is giving it not much coverage. Wonder why? They were all over Clinton from day one!!!

  • Vicky February 3, 2007 10:39 pm

    Who is doing the job of the Senators who are now running for POTUS?
    And why do they start campaigning so far ahead of election?
    And for those others who are not currently in office but are running for the White House – who’s paying them?

  • Dick Cheney leaves the taste of liver bile January 28, 2007 9:40 am

    In the course of the Libby trial, hopefully it will be shown that what the American people don’t have the stomach for–is DICK CHENEY

  • Robt January 28, 2007 2:05 am

    tThe Libby trial is starting to warm up. We have to let it take its course. Have to admit, the course it is starting to take may be justice for the traitorous act and the criminals that perpetrated the crime. It does seem to have the potential of exposing a Vice President and a Turd Blossom doesn’t it.