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What Are Their Values?

December 18, 2017

I discuss how the GOP Tax Scam bill reveals the true values of the Republican party, that they care about the ultra wealthy and large multinational corporations. We also discuss the ‘Corker Kickback.’ A provision that was inserted into the latest version of the GOP Tax Scam bill that would benefit those who make large amounts of money from real estate. One of those people is Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. He initially was a ‘no’ vote last week, citing the $1.4 trillion dollars that the bill will add to the national debt. He changed to a ‘yes’ vote a few days later, despite the fact that the bill will still add $1.4 trillion dollars to the national debt. The only noticeable change in the bill is the appropriately named ‘Corker Kickback’ benefiting wealthy real estate developers.
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