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November 6, 2008

The Obama Transition
The Make-up of the Senate
Growing Democratic Power in the House
The Lame-Duck Session
The Future of Gay Rights in California and Nationwide
And a Change in How Blacks and Whites Think About Racism Forevermore
(Hint: RIP, Bradley Effect)

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  • Robt November 12, 2008 2:11 am

    OK, Obama is President elect.
    Dems have the House of Representatives, and a majority in the Senate. The Supreme Court nominations are sure to be safe from extremism (Bush style).
    The Republican mantra is that Obama doesn’t have a mandate and this country is Center Right..!
    Thus Obama needs to Govern as Bush.
    I know, I know !!! Sound goofy to me too. But it is true they are attempting to set this meme.
    So the question is. Do you think Obama should be bold and reaching in his first year?
    Should Obama be a bit more conservative given the state of the country?
    Like, should he extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy or let them expire?
    Should Obama commit to his Health care campaign promises?
    Most of all,
    Does anyone feel the Obama Adm should look into any criminal actions out of this Adm?
    You know, like torture? Secretly swooping up canadians and rendering them to other countries for torture?
    Scooping up suspects in Italy and torturing them?
    Eaves droping without warrants on Americans on American soil. Plus, lying to America that he is doing it?
    Using the Justice Dept as his personal hit squad for political substances? Elections of party loyalists ? Pressuring political opposition with trumped prosecutions to impose on elections.?
    Should Obama just do the President Ford thing over Nixon, (arguably which set excuse for wrong doing) and just move along with his agenda. Would it upset Republicans that they will become obstructionists? Will Republicans be obstuctionists anyways?
    Who thinks Obama should embrace by gones be by gones and all the criminal intents should just be let go?

  • Betsy November 7, 2008 3:15 pm

    Mark, I think that the first three presidents had parents who were British citizens. Just none of the modern presidents.