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White Power/Islamic Terrorist Alliance — and the FBI Cover-Up

November 14, 2007

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Guest: Former FBI Agent Michael German, who was fired for exposing the FBI fraud and incompetence that compromised a serious investigation into the new ties between white supremacists and Islamic terrorists.

Having promised to place the transcript of what Senator Grassley put in the Congressional Record regarding this, I reprint it in the blog below.

Mr. Mueller, I’m supposed to give you the courtesy of having
questions I’m going to ask you. So I want to give you the background of
those questions before.
And this is the — in regard to Special Agent Michael German, this
is the transcript that I’m referring to that we have.
My understanding is that all Special Agent German tried to do was to
get the FBI to allow its own rules and acknowledge — to follow its own
rules and to acknowledge that a small part of a meeting between white
supremacists and an Islamic militant was improperly recorded.
At first the FBI denied the meeting was recorded at all. And after
the transcript surfaced the inspector general investigated and found
that someone at the FBI had falsified records in the case.
Unfortunately, the inspector general could not figure out who did it.
These facts are disturbing, but even worse is that the FBI seems
more interested in protecting itself than in developing some human
intelligence on extremist groups. An FBI spokeswoman even went on
television to deny that the groups discussed working together. The FBI
also claimed that the subjects did not discuss terrorism.
After a long struggle, this committee finally obtained this
transcript I’ve referred to of that meeting directly from the FBI. The
transcript repeatedly contradicts the FBI — what the FBI said and
supports what Michael — Special Agent Michael German said.
The full transcript has never been made public. It is not
classified, but it is frightening evidence of white supremacists and
Islamic militants talking about working together. What they have in
common is violently anti-Semitic.
For example, in one portion of the transcript the Islamic militant
says that, quote, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The white
supremacist agrees, and then the Islamic militant says that anyone,
quote, “willing to shoot a Jew,” end quote, is a friend. That does not
sound like an innocent meeting between businessmen, and it does not —
and it does sound like two extremists who support terrorism finding
common ground with each other.
In other parts of the transcript they talk about their shared
admiration for Hitler, arms shipments from Iran, their desire for a
civil war in the United States, and their approval of suicide bombings,
and lastly assassinating pro-Israeli journalists in the United States.
This is all in their very first meeting with each other.
Any sign of cooperation like that between foreign and domestic
terrorist groups is exactly the type of intelligence that needs to be
identified and distributed to other governmental agencies. That way the
whole government can be on the lookout for these groups building
operational ties. If the FBI can’t recognize the importance of
information like this, I don’t see how it can serve as effective
domestic intelligence agencies.
So my first question is: It’s been more than a year since the
inspector general found that Special Agent Michael German suffered
whistleblower retaliation from the FBI supervisor George (sic) Martinez.
Has the FBI imposed any discipline on Martinez for retaliating against a
whistleblower? If so, what was the penalty? If not, what has taken so
long and when will this matter be resolved?
The answer first is yes, but we will — I will be happy to brief you
on the circumstances of that within the next several days.
And then, Director Mueller, have you reviewed this transcript, and
has the FBI let other intelligence agencies know about it?
I have not personally reviewed the transcript. I would have to get
back to you on whether or not we have let other agencies know about
what’s in that transcript.
Now, it’s my understanding that there is no FBI case on either of
the subjects in this transcript. Is that true?
I’d have to get back to you on that.
Can you explain why the FBI didn’t jump at the chance to infiltrate
these organizations instead of wasting the time retaliating against
Special Agent German?
My understanding is that the inspector general’s investigation found
no missed opportunity in that set of circumstances. But I’ll have to go
back and look at that, and get back to you, Senator.
I have some information, Mr. Chairman, that I want put in the
record, that I have here.
Without objection.

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