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Who is President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela?

September 7, 2005

Guest: Eva Golinger, Author of The Chavez Code: Cracking
U.S. Intervention in Venezuela

Who is President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela?
And why does Pat Robertson want to kill him?
Comment from Golinger’s book: “Domestically, the Venezuelan government is investing substantial resources in social programs like healthcare, education and job training, what Chavez has labeled 21st century socialism. This model has apparently angered many in the Bush administration.”

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  • Dave G. September 11, 2005 10:16 am

    I would much like to hear more of Hugo Chavez. So much is pressing though right here in the USA, however. It does appear that President Chavez is an altother different kind of world then what presently afflivcts this country.
    Perhaps your guest for 30 min- Mark.

  • Mark Levine September 10, 2005 8:07 pm

    For the record,
    Ms. Golinger personally apologized and explained a problem with her cell phone.
    The only apology I got from Horowitz was his secretary, who said (at the time we were looking for him during the show) that she couldn’t find him and was embarrassed and this normally didn’t happen when he was on talk radio.
    We re-scheduled Horowitz to Sunday. But since I haven’t heard a clamor to re-schedule Golinger, she will not be re-scheduled (unless I hear such a clamor).

  • Gordon from Bora Bora September 9, 2005 9:45 am

    Vicky–truth is a defense in slander–I truly expect Horowitz to make my case–if he can slither from one extreme of the political spectrum to the other at the sacrifice of reason–that was my basis for calling him a punk–let him talk me out of it by giving some valid rationales for this behavior
    If Ms.Golinger has pink hair, collar and cuff, perhaps I’ll call her a punk

  • Vicky September 9, 2005 9:09 am

    Mark, I asked you on another board if you were given a reason for Horowitz’s no-show? I don’t know if you didn’t see it or just didn’t respond? I am curious as to what happened why he wasn’t able to be here last Tuesday?
    Gordon, now I expect you, in the spirit of fairness, to call Ms. Golinger a “punk” and you can choose a few other words to describe her for “forgetting” or making a mistake etc. (Same as you did with Horowitz,ok?) Thanks buddy.

  • Mark Levine September 9, 2005 8:40 am

    My guest, Eva Golinger, wrote me an abject apology. She had (mistakenly, since we ask guests not to do this) given us her cell phone number, which ran out of power and she had misplaced the number to call us. She offered to do the show at a future time.
    My question is: is this topic (Hugo Chavez and Venezuela) interesting enough to warrant a re-do of the show? Or should I move on to other topics? Frankly, I didn’t see much interest in this topic from listeners so I am inclined not to do another show. But if enough of you express interest, I’ll have Ms. Golinger on.