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Who is the Real John McCain?

October 21, 2008

Which is real?
The guy who says he’s “not George Bush” or the one who supports all the Bush policies?
The maverick or the guy that plays to the Religious Right?
And why is it that all McCain’s supporters can do is attack Obama for his “associations”?
Have they that little faith in their man?
PLUS why Obama is RIGHT to be willing to attack Bin Laden in Pakistan if there is actionable intelligence and Pakistan is unwilling and unable to help.

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  • Gregory Martin October 27, 2008 5:05 am

    Since last December, every Monday night I drive up from North Carolina to Maryland, and Tuesday evening I return. This has been my exposure to political talk radio. At several points along the way I tune in to AM 1520. I am stunned at the number of angry right wing callers to Air America and their concomitant tendency to monologue. My heart swelled as I listened this past Tuesday to your crisp. upbeat, courteous, and academic interplay with the ditto heads. And to my surprise, after awhile they actually shut up long enough for you to express yourself. I loved the way you insistently brought them back from talking points to the original subject. I hadn’t heard of you before then but I now have your web page bookmarked. Thanks for making my drive enjoyable!