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Who's Your Presidential Candidate? Why?

January 10, 2008


I’m still undecided at this late stage.

Call in and convince me.

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  • Robt January 13, 2008 2:46 pm

    To touch on a thoughtful point your give in a process of change as in the Nations Health care.
    “so that the economy is slapped with a bunch of former insurance company employee’s at the unemployment office.”
    There are many issues that will have to be considered and that is definately a hurdle in a edging reccession possibility. Some of these insurance employees can be utilized in the Health cares Adm works. There will continue to be privatized health care for the wealthy that will absorb some of the established industry employees.
    Your are right there will be enough left to line up for unemployment. This will be the temptation to simply move the private industry employees to public health Adm. Then we will lose the savings from the overhead of the health care insurance for profit vs non profit Gov’t type.
    From most I read on present health care dollars spent in the U.S. , there is a 30 to 40 percent of every health care dollar spent that goes to profit, lawyers, lobbying, employee wages, outrageous CEO packages and retirements, interests to shareholders, and so on. Carrying those costs over to a singlepayer/ universal type plan defeats the savings that are directly effecting the price gouging heaalth care industry. I don’t think anyone cares to transfer health care to the Gov’t only to have a bloated agency that raises expenses.
    Can Edwards stay in the race at least into Colorado?
    I think we all realize that Clinton has the most finances to outlast poor showing in certain states. I am sure the health care insurance industry is donating well to her campaign.
    How much influence do they buy over our votes with her? None if Edwards was to pull it out.
    Rest assured that I like a capitolistic economy. It needs to be regulated to refrain its natural course (if unregulated) of seeking more power leading towards fascism.
    Putting profit above life is unrestrained capitolism provides the basis of corporate fascism in my book.
    Edwards could sharpen his message in S.C. with his prior message when he ran. That in which he addressed the 2 America’s and we need to be one.
    It was a fresh, powerful and positive manner in that prior message. Don’t know why he doesn’t respeak it.