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Why Conservates Hate Unions (and Working People)

December 21, 2010

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  • AMegill January 24, 2011 1:41 pm

    Robt. The facts about the shootings I gave, you can find for yourself. Look for articles from NJ papers during the 1976 National Teamsters Strike.
    All unions are the same in the fact that if everyone doing the same job as you, gets the same pay. No individual incentive to do more or better. There are many ways you could have done the same thing with a non union company. They have agencies you can contact and be protected from your boss ever knowing it was you who made the call to avert any illness or danger to the public. Again if it had to do with food or anything under the FDA it should have been caught in house anyway.
    Your portrayal of Exxon getting the oil, makes it sound like we gave it to them. They BID on it with the Iraqi government. Along with Russia, China and many others And BP is not an American company it is British owned multi-national Co. So yes to all of your questions about them being as large as they are with out the Government. They would probaby be bigger without govt. regulations. Not saying some regulation is not needed, just without it they would be bigger
    As for your rant on the egg farmer. The Govt. already has regs in place . If those doing the job to inspect are not doing so, then what makes you think more regulation and more money thrown down that hole will help. It has been shown over the years that many times, inspectors either did not do their jobs or did not know how to do their job correctly. This has been found to be the case on jobs from farming to bridge inspection. So again no, more regulation is not the answer.
    The Bush years. Well you follow the liberal news and I follow non-liberal news. So other than our beliefs your point is just that your feelings. Now show me where you got you facts as to the “grim” jobs during the Bush years.
    Let’s look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics data.
    During the Bush presidency, net total employment went up by 1.08 million jobs. So far, during the Obama presidency, total employment has been reduced by 3.3 million jobs.
    Your list of Govt. of things they are to do. I agree on most of them. You have a couple that make me scratch my head.
    Your freedom of religion example. I think that is seperation of church and state. Because if it was freedom of religion the judge might have the right to have that on his wall.
    Imminent Domain. These actions are usually done through the state or local govts. Not by greedy business persons. The business proposes a plan and the local govt. gets the proprty for them.
    The others all have Govt. agencies that are supposed to be doing those things. I say supposed, because like your, manage the commons point. Many times as with the global warming debate. They don’t debate, they take liberal points as the only point. To properly manage, all points should be considered and managed from that stand point.
    Please remember removal of corruption has to be from both sides.

  • Mark Levine January 19, 2011 10:46 am

    I’ve been enjoying this discussion. (I do read, even when I don’t respond.) You two are, of course, welcome to continue it on any more recent topical thread.
    But don’t worry about it “going into archive.” All that means is you have to click once more to “Previous Pages” to see it. You’re welcome to continue the discussion here. I, for one, will be reading it. And I suspect others will too. (And it shouldn’t go off the front page for at least a couple of weeks.)