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Why Do French Muslims Revolt While American Muslims Do Not?

December 8, 2005

Today, a note of optimism and a reflection on the power of peace and goodwill:
In France and throughout Western Europe, Al Quaeda is having some success in exporting its terrorism and anti-Western grievances among the native European Muslim population. But their efforts in America thus far have been extremely weak.
Why has there been no grievous attack by American Muslims on the USA?
Mark’s answer may surprise you, but it’s strong proof that the war on terrorism is being fought and won right here in America.
“We don’t have to fight in Baghdad to keep them from killing us here in America,” Mark says. “It is our fight in America — not our war in Iraq — that is succeeding. And the fight is being won without weapons of war.”

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  • Cheering in Cuddleduds January 29, 2006 8:17 am

    ~ With Cowher Power, we’ll get the job done ~
    Pittsburg’s going to the Super Bowl…
    The Men of Steel will knock the “stuff”
    right out of those seabirds.