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Why is Wright Sabotaging Obama?

April 30, 2008

45 Bonus Minutes (from Bob Kincaid’s show)
Wright seems determined to embarrass Obama.
Is this jealousy? Revenge?
Does Wright want to redeem his reputation?
Or enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame?
Perhaps he wants to free Obama by forcing Obama to denounce him.
Which Obama promptly did.
In today’s show, we play in detail Wright’s words, Obama’s response, and my comments on the controversy.
For any that might doubt whether Obama might agree with Wright’s most extreme words, this latest battle between the men should lay the issue the rest.
It should.
But it won’t.
The Republicans have found their 2008 Swift Boat and they will ride that boat again and again all the way to November.

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  • Rocky McRoll May 8, 2008 10:20 am

    An inanimate carbon rod representing the Democratic party could beat John McCain in the upcoming presidential election–anyway a vote for John McCain is really a vote for whoever-his running mate is–to continue the legacy of Bush’s humpty-dumptyism
    Has anyone listened to John McCain lately?–does he seem to have adopted the demeanor of Mr. Magoo?

  • Robt May 1, 2008 1:11 pm

    As soon as the media begins holding McCain to the hot skillit. I don’t plan on paying much attention to this.
    Why not put Hagee and Wright on the same show and let them talk their God’s and religious stairways with each other.
    We are now in times of who is really Christian and who is not. Who is more religious and who is lesser.
    Cheney’s pastor ” Ken Lay” is still neglected. That effected everyone. Wright might effect his flock in that he losses them.
    It comes down to the media getting to the question Jon Stewert asked of Obama.
    ” Please be honest, tell us now “, (implored Jon).
    ” Will you enslave the whites if you become president ? “.
    Bless my Reverand Stewert…………..

  • Ywo wrongs don't make a right May 1, 2008 10:36 am

    It smells of ego–Rev. Wright is proving himself to be a very small Mr. Wrong tied-up within his own sense of self-importance
    What Wright says isn’t necessarily wrong–it’s just so inflammatory-the way he says it
    Sometimes friends have to know when to shut the fuck up