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Debate Monday

May 11, 2009

Mark takes on the President of the Young Republican Alumni, Terry Campo, a former counsel to the US Senate Judiciary Committee and former Reagan Administration official.

  • * What kind of Justice should sit on the Supreme Court?
  • * What should be done to improve America’s health care system?
  • * Should the District of Columbia have “states’ rights”?
    (representation in Congress, its own gun and marriage laws)
  • * What should be done in Pakistan/Afghanistan?

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  • Johnny Democracy May 10, 2009 8:28 am

    Just Enough
    Fear begets fear,
    then danger and more danger,
    where is reprieve
    but in love
    offered at the altar,
    what is there to forgive,
    what is there to alter,
    in a silent prayer to the Father,
    a simple gesture of faithful cure,
    no want, no guilt,
    no vain desire,
    no need
    for painful funeral pyre,
    just sweet solace
    for a wandering soul
    wondering what memory is worth
    the price to remember,
    from past to future,
    then to now,
    with only instinct
    to show you how,
    but that is enough
    to be
    what God would have you be.

  • Johnny Democracy May 8, 2009 8:23 am

    A New Dream
    don’t raise your kids to be soldiers,
    to go away to war,
    to come back no more,
    to be tagged and flagged
    and planted upon the altar
    as sacrificial fodder,
    the physical price
    for the culture clash
    of man’s inhumanity to man,
    such horror
    is the senseless slaughter
    of sister and brother,
    of good intention,
    for God and country,
    nation against nation,
    is that the twisted alibi,
    for contorted corpses
    rigid in their duty
    to futile endeavor,
    dear mother,
    certainly there is something better
    for life to strive for,
    than to be a part of this recurring nightmare,
    dream a new dream
    to your children,
    that for them,
    a day of peace may be truly seen.