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Your Choice: Cut Social Security or Cut Taxes for Billionaires?

November 22, 2010

Mark Hosts the Leslie Marshall Show

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  • Robt November 26, 2010 12:15 am

    I think Mark touch on something that is troubling when he raised the question of those who are for the Bush tax cuts being extended for the wealthiest.
    Even if it blows a hole in the defict and enslaves the middle class and poor to pay off the nations debt.
    Is it the Glen Becks and Rush Limbaughs and FOX, is it Koch bros funding Heritage Foundations, Amereican for prosperity and Tea Party folks or is it just what someone believes?
    I know when it comes to religious issues it has nothing to do with the text of the Bible or the spoken written word of Jesus. They will tell you the Bible says it all but they haven’t read the bible and when shown the words of the Bible that is contrary to what they are espousing. They shut off any incoming information to that contrary.
    I think it has much to do with the daily pounding of propaganda and misguided finger pointing for all the ills befallen those that listen every day.
    There has been speculation that people are hard wired to think conservatively or liberally.
    Sociopaths are conservative? Hmm.
    What of someone lke the creator of Media Matters that left conservativism after having an awakening.
    How can I work in my union with people that hate Obama and Democrats even though when I ask them to provide one single republican elected official thatis for unions in the slightest way and how . Just to cite me one republican they vote for that thinks unions should exist.
    They just can call me a liberal and they end the conversation, usually by walking away. This after they initiated the conversation. Go figure.
    What Mary (above) comments abou over those that profited well from the lead up to the reccession repaying it. There is much to that. It won’t solcve all of it but would begin a responsibility being held.
    For instance.,
    The TSA
    A Florida republican Congressman argued that the TSA should be ran by the Gov’t. He has since been involved in “privatizing” the Orlando Fla. TSA.
    So now the Gov’t (tax payers) pay a private sector business to provide something to the for profit, free market airline industry.
    How about letting the airlines provide their own security at their own expense. If tickett prices go up to cover their inddustry costs, so be it. Thats capitalism that republicans always spell out but never seem to follow through with unless it is someone in the middle class that has a business.
    The war profiteers should be taxed more for profiting so well from the wars. Cost-plus-no-bid contracts to cronies!!
    And for Mike’s idea of taxing by using the GDP as a base line for tax rates is interesting. It provides lower taxes for those smaller businesses to grow witch encourages those businesses. Then eases the support for those monopoly type corporations.
    Incentive and disincentives are there.
    But, America will never agree to any tax changes that do not favor them entirely. Whichmeans the tax code must hurt others for them to gain and we as Americans will never agree. But I like the idea. I will have to consider it more before I could ever sign on.
    For instance, what is the GDP of school teachers? Firemen? A U.S. marine fighting in Afghanistan? What are their GDP’s
    What is the GDP of someone retired and on Social Security?
    Like I said, have to give that more thought. But a very different way of looking at the tax structure. Thanks for calling that in Mike>

  • Mary Bell Lockhart November 22, 2010 3:30 am

    It’s a real simple principle:  Those who caused and profited from the deficit and recession should pay back what they owe the rest of us. Raise the top tax rate back where it was before Reaganomics trickled down on the rest of us.  Raise the capital gains tax on speculation.  Keep the inheritance tax.  Raise the cap on income subject to Soc Sec withholding. Axe the military contracts and oil subsidies.

  • mike from chicago November 15, 2010 11:25 pm

    I talked to you mon. nite on the leslie marshal fill in spot you did..this looked like the likely spot to blog the thought not taken up on the show,
    you missed the point,, not a wealth tax,,incomes should be taxed at the rate of their respective proportion at the gdp. a beekeeper makes honey, he can make ten million a year and his tax rate is the percentage of the gdp for honey. a doctor of heart surgery can make 100 million,, he is taxed at the rate of his specialty’s relationship to the gdp. if a person is the ceo of a defense contracting firm, his tax rate is linked to that industry’s percentage of the gdp. also,, sin tax is a voted, legislative issue and is taxed 90% ,,, period. get it,, the idea is to inspire creativity .. how much of the gdp is wind energy,,( how much is defense, war ,beltway bullshit, or related industry? let’s nationalise the defense industry so there is no profit incentive for war and privatize the diplomatic corps) solar energy , alternative transportation technologies, to discourage the status quo. presently the u.s. ranks in the top for bombs,, we make 87% of the worlds killing shit. honey,,, not so much.. we even should look at the world gdp for anoher ruberic for assigning tax rates.. doctors ,, world wide, look it up (.0001) ,, what a tax rate,, we would all be doctors,, no one would make war. too expensive tax wise,, we would all be doctors or bee keepers or artists or teachers,, get it don’t tax the rich, make the evil doers poor .
    get this out, this is capitalism and non partisan
    Mike from chicago