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You're Fired!

May 13, 2004

(archived broadcast )
You’re Donald Trump and in charge of the Bush Administration.
You can only fire one person.
Who do you fire and why?
And remember: If you fire Bush, nothing changes (since Cheney, who has been in charge all along, would merely get the title of President to match the reality.)

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  • George Tenet, you're fires--you know too much--your medal is in the mail June 10, 2005 8:46 am

    Coco, a 300-pound gorilla,
    gentle enough to cradle a purring kitten
    within the grasp of her large, hairy hands,
    happy enough to enjoy a carefree demeanor,
    understanding enough to mourn death
    with a big, bellowed moan.
    Perhaps God did make the monkey
    out of disappointment
    with the results from man,
    whose willful ego has separated
    into thoughts so twisted and confused,
    return to grace charges a painful toll
    to the point of wondering,
    “Which is beast,
    or which is the Son of God?”

  • robert bentham May 21, 2004 12:32 am

    i would fire colin powell; the sooner we get him away from those guys the better, they are just going to drag him down with them and in spite of his having been an accomplice to some of these horrific decisions he has an other wise remarkable personal story that is worth saving. his honor can be restored but he must first break free of the ties that have bound him to this administration. if he won’t arrest bush for treason to this nation or resign, then i say your fired!!!! (personal aside please colin save yourself) america knows you are a good man!!!!