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Outsourcing: A Case Study

January 16, 2007

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Washington Gas wants to outsource hundreds of customer service jobs and fire the local workers who take gas leak and emergency calls, arrange for restoration of service, bill-paying, applications for utility assistance programs and ordering home service and repair.
Is this a good idea for American workers or American consumers?
Do we really want gas leak and emergency calls being handled by subcontractors as far away as India?
Don’t miss the latest update on how Washington Gas is risking consumer safety and even homeland security in order to outsource American jobs!

The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King

January 15, 2007

Happy MLK Day!
Today, I invite a very special guest, my co-host on XM Satellite Radio Mark Thompson to discuss the life and legacy of Martin Luther King.

Iraq: Urge or Purge the Surge?

January 11, 2007

Bush is giving a major speech Wednesday night, billed as his “last best hope” to convince the American People that this time, he’ll get it right, and a major escalation (that he improperly calls a temporary “surge”) will Win the War in Iraq. Is the President living in fantasy land?
Today Mark debates embedded reporter Michael Payne, a retired Air Force veteran, who, along with the President, is one of the “last true believers” we can still win the war in Iraq.

Income Inequality: Minimum Wage and CEO Salaries

January 10, 2007

Guest: Jeremy Funk, Spokesman for Americans United for Change
A discussion of income inequality in America and the minimum wage increase happening today in Congress, and a discussion of CEO salaries…
Republicans say that shareholders have no business dictating corporate salaries. If CEO’s and board of directors want to pay themselves hundreds of millions of dollars as a corporation goes down the tube, that’s their right. (The recent example of Home Depot actually pales in comparison to other examples like Disney, not to mention Enron.)
Democrats say that shareholders, as the owners of corporations, should have the right to decide how much corporate management is paid.
Who are the true capitalists here? Why do Republicans always want to favor the lazy, incompetent rich while punishing the hard-working poor?

Debate: Iraq and the Dems' First 100 Hours

January 9, 2007

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Guest: Republican Strategist Mike Lane
A debate on Bush’s plan to escalate the War in Iraq
And the Democratic (Pelosi/Reid) response.
Will the Democratic Congress cutting funds to the President be the only way to stop this brutal mess?

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