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Talking Talk Radio with Guy James

January 31, 2007

(Archive (Part I: Guy James on The Inside Scoop))
(Archive (Part II: Mark Levine on the Guy James Show))
Today, my fellow HORN co-host Guy James joins me on THE INSIDE SCOOP to discuss the crazy motivations that bring people like him and me into the talk radio world and how we hope to do our part to change the real world.
The conversation continues into the second hour on The Guy James Show. Don’t miss this special two-hour inside scoop behind the scenes of talk radio.

The Many Lies of Dick Cheney – Part V

January 30, 2007

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There he goes again….
Dick Cheney v. Wolf Blitzer
Mark Levine v. Mike Lane

Busted! Republicans Caught Cheating in 2004 Ohio Election

January 27, 2007

Two election workers have been convicted of rigging the recount for Ohio’s Presidential Elections in 2004

Debate: It's Time to Apologize for Slavery AND Jim Crow

January 25, 2007

Republican Delegate Frank Hargrove of Virginia thinks it’s ridiculous for Virginia to apologize for slavery. On last Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, he said “black citizens should get over it.” After all, no one now was alive during that time and we all despise it anyway: “Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?”
I’m sure my guest, Republican strategist Mike Lane won’t defend such comments, but isn’t it long past due to formally apologize for slavery? And do people in his party really believe the effects of slavery are no longer felt in America? How about an apology for Jim Crow? Surely there are many alive in the South who still remember that….
The Dems amazing firt 100 hours
The Presidential Campaign for 2008 begins

The State of the Union

January 24, 2007

George Bush vs. Mark Levine
Mark watches, so you don’t have to…

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