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Debate Tuesday

February 20, 2007

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Mark debates the issues of the week with Republican strategist Mike Lane

Weekly Review

February 19, 2007

– A Salute to Presidents Washington and Lincoln
– What Congress will do about Iraq
– The Administration Lies About its Mass Firing of US Prosecutors

The Trial of TraitorGate

February 15, 2007

What the Scooter Libby tells us about:
— how the Administration manipulates the press;
— why the Press allows it;
— the selective use of classified information; and
— Vice President Cheney, the first Vice President to be willing to commit treason against his country since Aaron Burn

Afraid to Debate Iraq

February 14, 2007

How the Republican minority is using Congressional rules to thwart debate on Iraq

Anna Nicole Smith: Republican Moral Beacon

February 13, 2007

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Guest: Republican Strategist Phil Griffin

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