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Mark's Rabbi on Role of Religion in Modern Society

October 23, 2007

First Hour Audio
Last Half Hour (Continuation of Fellner interview into first part of Kincaid Show)

Mark brings as a very special guest the Rabbi from his youth in Nashville, Rabbi Azriel Fellner, to discuss the role of religion in modern society (and his take on Christian Zionism).

Rabbi Fellner’s new audiobook on Abraham and the Idols

Debate Monday: Has Bush Helped Bin Laden?

October 22, 2007

Video / Audio

Mark debates his guest, Paul Jones attorney Gil Davis over whether the American techniques used to fight the “War on Terror” since we let Bin Laden go at Tora Bora and invaded Iraq have helped or hindered Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

The Inside Scoop on Christian Zionism

October 18, 2007

Audio-Part 1 (5:30 to 46:30 – stop at music) / Audio-Part 2 (7 minutes)
Levine-Kincaid post-interview discussion (7:00 to 1:12:30)

Guest: Dr. James M. Hutchens, Regional Director of Christians United for Israel, whose Founder and National Chairman is Pastor John Hagee.

For more information on the fervent right-wing evangelical Christian support for Israel, check out these links:
Birth Pangs of a New Christian Zionism
Jews and the Christian Right: Is the Honeymoon Over?

How much of evangelical support of Israel is to hasten the Second Coming of Jesus?
Is this support good for Israel? good for Jews? good for America?

Does it temper strong Jewish disagreement with other elements of the Religious Right’s agenda, such as bigotry against gay people, anti-abortion laws, and demolishing the separation of church and state?

Mark & Mark are Back Talking about Cosby…

October 17, 2007

Audio Archive

It’s an M&M Wednesday.

Long-time XM listeners enjoyed M&M Fridays. Now Make it Plain host Mark Thompson comes on the Inside Scoop to discuss Bill Cosby’s new book and Mark’s new move to Sirius.

Mark & Mark are one of the few white and black radio host duos unafraid to frankly discuss race. Listen live right here at (5 pm E, 4 pm C, 3 pm M, 2 pm P).

Debate Monday: Gore's Nobel; Bush's Torture; Obama's Flag; Larry Craig

October 15, 2007

Video / Audio

Mark debates Mike Lane on the issues of the week.

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