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Global Warming: A Scary Prospect

October 31, 2007


Guest: Angela Anderson, Vice President for Climate Programs at the National Environmental Trust

Week in Review

October 30, 2007


The Third Annual Halloween Show

October 29, 2007

Video / Audio

Mark dresses up as the scariest thing he can think of: a conservative Republican!
And Republican strategist Mike Lane pretends to be a liberal.

It’s a competition too, as Mark and Mike try strenuously to stay in character and not to laugh.

Every year, the Halloween show and video are consistently the most popular one on THE INSIDE SCOOP

Discussing Sexuality on Pacifica Radio

October 25, 2007


Every month Mark is on Washington, DC’s Pacifica Radio, and he shares these shows on the HORN. Today’s guest was Social Worker John Craig, Co-Founder of the Straight Partners Support Group

No Immunity!

October 24, 2007

Telecommunications companies helped Bush violate the Constitution to illegally spy on hundreds of millions of innocent Americans. If he can’t be held to task by impeachment, at least his co-conspirators should be. Call your Member of Congress ((202) 224-3121) and ask them to deny any immunity to any corporation that illegally violates the Constitution and spies on the very consumers who it is supposed to protect.

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