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Republicans: Anything Other than Trickle-Down Economics is "Socialism"

October 22, 2008

First it was “Muslim”, then “terrorist”. Now they’re calling Obama a “socialist.”
I’m not a socialist. Neither is Obama. I don’t believe pure socialism works any more than pure capitalism.
But social security, medicare, head start, and education are all social programs that work. And I have no problem with giving the middle class a tax cut, even if it means millionaires will have to go back to paying the same rates as they did under the Clinton years. After all they’ve made millions under Bush. In fact just this extra income of the top 1% of Americans under Bush was more than the entire income of the bottom 20% combined. Thus Bush policies transferred ALL of the income of 1/5 of Americans to provide extra income to 1/100. So what’s wrong with “spreading the wealth” a bit among other hard-working Americans? Do you know the last time America saw this great an income inequality? Not since 1929, the year the last Great Depression begun.
In sum, Bush “spread the wealth” from the poor to the rich: reverse Robin Hood.
And now that Obama wants to undo that injustice, he’s somehow a socialist? That’s like a thief stealing your money and then calling you a thief when you try to get it back!
Meanwhile, Sarah Palin’s doing very well “spreading the wealth”, getting $150,000 from the Republican National Committee for her clothes, hair and makeup.

Defending Religion

October 22, 2008

A discussion about Republican divisiveness interestingly evolves into Mark defending religion against the vigorous attacks of his guest, radio talk show host Bob Kincaid. Mark believes in separating the tolerant from the intolerant, attacking the hypocrites and those that harm others but respecting the believers of all faith who do harm to no one. Bob believes that even those believers cause harm indirectly by propping up a “religion industry” that promotes intolerance worldwide. A vigorous debate!

Who is the Real John McCain?

October 21, 2008

Which is real?
The guy who says he’s “not George Bush” or the one who supports all the Bush policies?
The maverick or the guy that plays to the Religious Right?
And why is it that all McCain’s supporters can do is attack Obama for his “associations”?
Have they that little faith in their man?
PLUS why Obama is RIGHT to be willing to attack Bin Laden in Pakistan if there is actionable intelligence and Pakistan is unwilling and unable to help.

It's the Economy, Stupid

October 21, 2008

“Real America”, Ted Stevens Trial, and Voter Suppression in Ohio

McCain/Palin Claim: "Real Americans" Live in Small Towns; Rest of Us are Un-American

October 20, 2008

I host the Leslie Marshall show today for three hours. I’ll be talking about the strange claims of John McCain and Sarah Palin that “real Americans” live in small towns. They say that Democrats and those of us in cities and suburbs just aren’t pro-America. What are we, terrorists?
I also debunk the myth that ACORN is engaged in voting fraud and discuss Republican plans to disenfranchise voters across the country with my guest Brad Friedman.
Then on to the economy with the First Lesson of Economics 101: Why the Middle Class are the Engines of the Economy and not the Superrich.

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