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Human Rights in Venezuela

July 13, 2009

Human Rights in Venezuela

July 10, 2009

Every week, 60-80 people are murdered in Venezuela. Fewer than 7% of these murders are even tried in the courts. 97% of these murders go unpunished.
Guest: Venezuelan human rights lawyer Gonzalo Himiob

Buying Access

July 7, 2009

The scandal at the Washington Post simply sheds light on what has been de rigueur in Washington for a long time:  paying large sums of money for the opportunity to influence politicians.  But the Post compounded the legalized bribery so common in Washington with allowing cash to buy access to journalists as well!
Nice touch for a dying industry!
How much do you think the devil will pay to buy journalism’s soul?

Spotlight on Africa: Sudan and Sierra Leone

July 6, 2009

Guest: Mohamed Musa of Sierra Leone

Spotlight on Africa

July 6, 2009

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